What's the greatest expenses on the average vacation?

Any great vacation begins with a great hotel - and a great hotel deal. Consider your preferences when researching hotels: Are you looking for kid-friendly options, or do you have a romantic weekend in mind? Whether you’re searching for luxury hotels in Miami or budget-friendly bargain hotels in San Francisco, you still want the best hotel rates possible. Be sure to check us out as you search for the best hotels for your needs.


[size=150]Save on Hotel, send it on other.[/size]
Guess what’s the greatest expenses on the average vacation? If you guessed airfare, guess again. For most travellers, hotels are the priciest items on the holiday bills.However with a bit of effort, we can saved some money and spend it on other thing. Some suggestions:
[list]Search smartly:
Google travel information will give you the broadest and most impartial hotel search. Recently, I’ve found the lowest rates through a search engine which searches every hotel-booking engine you’ve ever heard of, and many you haven’t. They scours hotel websites for the extras they’re throwing in to lure buyers away from travel-agency sites, such as free parking, spa treatments and meals. Check it out at http://travelplanettoday.com/hotel-deals[/list]
[list]Count the extras before make a booking:
There are many hotels that charge for parking, as well as use of the pool (insidious “resort fees” of as much as $30 a day!), Wi-Fi, restocking your mini bar - you name it. Hotels are adding fee upon fee to bolster their bottom line, so it’s important to find out what these extras are going to cost before you book (call or check the hotel’s website). Sometimes a hotel that might seem pricier on first glance may turn out to be the cheaper choice. If you get hit with an unexpected fee at checkout, complain - loudly. Not only will you feel better, you may shame the clerk into removing it.[/list]
[list]Bundle air with hotel:
This doesn’t always work in all destinations. But in areas where competition is fierce (think Cancun, Mexico; London; Orlando, Fla.; etc.), travel companies that offer “packages” get better prices than individuals ever could, by promising secrecy to the hotel. With the price of transportation and lodging blended together, it’s impossible for competing hotels - and, more importantly, potential customers - to get a handle on what the real cost of a room is, allowing hoteliers to keep charging most customers top loonie.[/list]
[list]Bid (Somewhat) Blindly:
Hidden pricing also is key to the sharply discounted rates. The name of the hotel is shrouded until after you make final payment. That secrecy, however, is being breached by such user-generated websites as BetterBidding.com and BiddingforTravel.com, where ordinary travellers spill the beans on how much they bid and which hotel they got. In certain areas, the same hotels are used so consistently that a quick glance at these sites will reveal the hotel you’re almost certain to book[/list]
[list]Of course, one of the most effective ways of saving money on lodgings is avoiding hotels altogether by using alternative accommodations. If you watch this column, I promise to fully explore that strategy in the coming weeks.[/list]

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