Whats happening?

sorry guys but this pokemon is who i am…

So the other day mirian netizens had an exodus lead by Jack… and while most discussions have fairly been normal in this new site (this for sale, that for rent). i realize Google still still puts Miricommunity.net as first result when i was googling “miric…”.

then i looked at our (Jack’s) old site and instead of seeing abandoned webpages, i was surprised to see it was actually revampe (and not just HTML text of “Under Construction” either…

So im guessing MiriCommunity.net is being renovated into something WAAY better (i hope like reddit) and what we used to know Miricomunity.net is now moved to a subsection of the new MiriCommunity.net itself?

wait… k ignore post pls.

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Ermm… ok?.. this a monologue right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ramblings of a slowpoke… btw, awesome new sitepage. has a Web 2.0 feel to it.

It’s all for our community bro. Not everyone wants to use their FB or Twitter profile for discussions or share their personal interests there in the social networks. It could come back and haunt them when HR or other type of groups do some background checks or annoyed relatives are just not interested in their thoughts but still “friend” them. :smile:

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It’s a good thing that you’re giving Mirian’s a free and anonymouse space to talk about things freely and avoid cases of “personality tarnishing” often seen on social media. speaking of “For the Community”, i noticed that so far you’ve only used Google Adsense and Doubleclick for your advertising. (sorry i used Blur so cant see ads). Not being a busybody here but i mean, is the revenue enough to support the site? hostings, maintenance whatnot?

would be nice to see local businesses put up a banners here if they have the dough and balls for it.

I have always approached the MiriCommunity.net project as a personal hobby since the humble beginnings when I discovered that having a BSc in Computing (a potential anti-social career path after the Internet bubble burst) we can still reach across thru online social engineering (it is still evolving since 2006). If treated as a business interest, the science to business success will be determined in the balance sheets. But when treated as personal hobby (almost 10 years now), does it really matter? Think of the costs involved to maintain hobbies like car junkies, mobile social network warriors, fashion tastes, travelling, etc. I believe it does not matter much if one gets satisfaction out of it.

We do get leads from local businesses. But with the national economy working against them, selling more does not always translate to earning more when you have to maintain the increased overhead. Just my thoughts.

My Gosh, It’s been ten years. this community is older than my first encounter of the Interwebz. and to think that so many discussions, ideas, business transactions, opportunities they all can exist and thrive because a kind sir once started a hobby and get on with it. only paid with the feels he get from seeing his webpage sprout a community of its own.

oil Really is thicker than water.

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