Whatever happens to Sarawak's wildlife and virgin forests

it seems that everyone is busy talking about race and religion issues, which doesnt really happen here in sarawak. i have always thought that the people in west malaysia can make sarawak and sabah as an example where people of different race can really mingle with each other. lets shift to an issue which is more close to home, and is happening at our own backyard.

sarawak is so known for its wildlife and forests but sadlyy, its wildlife is on the verge of extinction while its virgin forests, well, not so virgin anymore,being raped by tractors and chainsaws.

i have always known this, i went to mulu last year and while the long was it miri river?? fascinates me, i was suprised to see patches of lands being readied for big palm plantation. it really is an eyesore and kinda embarrassing since some of the foreign tourists was also,like me,shock to see such activity.

and i remember on plane coming back from west msia,and saying to myself,wow,i’m back in my motherland, and preparing my eyes to see the green pastures, but my sight was spoiled by a number of factories with thick smoke from their chimneys, in the middle on the jungle.

and i read a national geographic december issue in pustaka where it highlights the plight of borneo widlife,orang utans in particular. it really saddens me to know that the fate of the rhinos,elephants, sun bears, and the very famous orang utans.

you can check it out in natgeo mag, but knowing mirians who would rather spend their money on the latest haircuts, or latest album, i’ll give you the link
http://redapes.org/palm-oil/national-ge … -of-truth/

so here i just want tp raise awareness and to remind you all about this environment issue. it is kinda embarassing that a foreigner is the one who notices this and does research while our own people, still stuck infront their computer, either playing online games,watching pornos or inciting hatred on race and religions.

but then again, i remember what my father said, ah those orang puteh their forest can be cut down, ours cannot. they can build high buildings, we cannot. there are some truths in what he said, perhaps. i dont know, so just what is your thought on this. sacrificing motehr nature for the sake of development? remember the bukit antarabangsa landslide?that’s motther nature’s warning to us.

“the cut down the trees,put them in a tree museum,
and charge the people a dollar and a half to see them”

  • coounting crows-

mainly, i only got one thing to say bout the deforestation activity going on here. It’s not even for development. It’s juz for a few rich ppl wanting to get even richer

finally,somebody who shares the same view as i have…
it is indeed scary flying over Sarawak nowadays,seeing forest being cleared as far as the eye can see…
even the forest behind eastwood,all the way to permy is slowly being turned into oil palm estates…
in a way,i really do hope that oil palm prices would drop rock bottom,or at least control the widespread of these plantations…

the western have learn that there has to be a balance between conservation and development,so maybe thats why they are trying to inform us about the importance of mother nature… :?

and we’re just merely looking, listening and waiting for this event passing by our life day by day…

Hello, this was the right thing that you have done. I dont think that you were wrong.
All the best!

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few weeks ago when I saw in the papers our cm said the rate of deforestation is to fast and we need to control it,I smell something fishy.
No 1 Isn’t he’s the one who approves all the logging concessions?
No 2 Wah,when did someone so greedy don’t like $ anymore and bcome so environmental frenly?
then I when I think of it,it make sense.Timber demand is at it’s lowest peak,a lot of contractors can’t find buyers.
And guess wat,Our cm is asking money from the federal government to do reforestation and bingo!!!Who gets the biggest piece of the cake if the $$ ever come from the federal government??just my guessing :shock:

the timber tycoon pays/sponsor certain NGO wildlife conservationist to do survey in their concession about wildlife population and effects of deforestation…once done, their timber will get special certification and can be sold higher than market price. EU need to see these certifications from the logging companies before buy their products…but now EU concern about native land title issue…the natives lost their land/longhouse due to timber company taking over their land for logging…of course government got kantau here!

now they are taking about jatropha plant as biofuel…what happen to palm oil? i went to OSEAS 2008 in Suntec, Spore last month and the Philipine Oil Company is still doing research about this plant. It like coffee beans, farmer needs to harvest the seed inside the fruits. Only 2-3seeds per fruits and u can imagine how much seeds per fruits to produce 1 liter. If not mistaken 5kg=1 liter. It’s suggested the plants need to be on very big scale at least 5000 hectares. It matured in 3-5 years and ROI less than 10 years. But need to cut tree more and halau the natives from their lands. If this is the “THING”, why other country didnt picked this idea like India…sugarcane even better…i believe some local companies got fishy business to do this project…free land title, of course u can tebang balak to clear the land,

The “G” need to concentrate to use renewable energy source like wind power, solar power or methane gas from landfill. It’s not expensive compare to build 11-13 new dams. Look for china partner because their can reverse engineer everything!! We can harvest gasses from landfill,im sure it’s very easy to do…pump+valve+pipeline+storage…We can build our own wind farm in Miri because we are facing the sea.It’s cheaper to send space tourist to moon or buy some outdated diesel submarine…i just hope Iran will share it’s missile and nuclear technology!!

better ask samling about tis problem…

Illegal logging in Sarawak.

This is what happened. It’s sad, but year after year, we see the same old people taking reign…

They’re not the only one…

They’re not the only one…[/quote]

of cause la… but the major contribution in logging industries in Sarawak… for sure…

bout the rape case, the police wanted the penan to walk one week to go to the nearest police station to report then walk back one week again…no report no siasatan, but in special case they should to go the victim…i remembered reading in the newspaper, one penan children look like org puteh…the father married to local penan but then missing…this story confirmed…

no wonder orang utan lari or pupus…

so now what can we do? change of government?i dont think it will bring any change.greedy people are everywhere,what do you think that i, as an individual can do about this?

i support the wind eergy and or solar energy. but not much of an expert in this thing.

don’t it always seem to go, that you dont noe what you got till its gone…-countingcrows-

our country only can go for hydro and coastal for alternative power. We have too little wind all year round for wind energy and we have far too much clouds for solar. But both hydro and coastal’s technology are very expensive and involve building structures like dams which damages the environment itself…

let’s do DIY wind turbine…hehehe

the problem actually the government failed to control the forest logging until disturb the environment n pribumi life style…

It is sad to see the logging companies raping the forests and raping the natives at the same time…

in the end still no development, just big bucks for timber tycoons in Bentlys and ferraris

[quote=“ghost”][quote=“mootz”]It is sad to see the logging companies raping the forests and raping the natives at the same time…

in the end still no development, just big bucks for timber tycoons in Bentlys and ferraris[/quote]

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Hi 360leader
please this is not a chatting place
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