What you may not know about the Piasau Boat Club (PBC)


I often park my car at the Piasau Boat Club (PBC) in the evening and go for a jog or a gentle walk along the beach, followed by a sundowner beer at the Beachcomber Bar

I believe we are blessed with some of the most beautiful Sunsets in the world. I went to Bali in January. The sunsets in Bali were impressive but not as beautiful as the Miri Sunsets. These are some of photos I have taken with my mobile during my evening jog.



Other interesting Beach Photo

Debris on the beach after a high tide and storm

New island suddenly appears on beach

Star War fans on the PBC beach on the on the 4th May 2019. ‘May the Fourth be with you”
Piauau Boat Club Beach Video

PBC Beach Family playing

PBC Beach race

PBC Sailing

PBC Beach: fishing boat close to beach. This was in the month of March. That the season for fishing for small prawns/shrimps. I think that’s what he is fishing for. They then sell the small prawns/shrimps at the stalls opposite Lutong Airstrip . The shrimps are then crushed and mixed with seasoning to make Belacan paste. You have probably eaten Belacan with local spicy dishes.


Lutong Beach Videos

If you want to go for a jog are a walk just over 2 km north of the PBC is the Lutong Beach. It’s a very popular beach with lots of activities especially at weekend

Lutong Beach

Lutong Beach

If you watch these videos will notice wooden piles just popping out the sand. These wooden piles are thought to be the remains of a World War 2 Japanese Bunker and the site is being propose by Sarawak Heritage Society as a Gazetted Heritage Site . If you want to learn more go to Interesting historical photos of Miri?
I also published this YouTube video of these mysterious wooden piles:

The long Concrete piles sticking up a few meter high out of the sand were installed by Shell in the 1980’s to prevent coastline erosion. At the time these piles where on the coastline. This gives an idea of the rate of coastline erosion. Its just a matter of time before the beach reaches Jalan Pantai.

If go on the Beach my only advice is “WEAR SUNSCREEN”

Posted on:September 5, 2019

Don’t forget to bring your kids and loved ones with you too!

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Thirsty Monkey takes a drink early morning at Piasua Boat Club
Click link below to view video:

Videos of Piasau Boat Club.

Early Bird sitting on top of PBC rules of entrance.
I wonder if he read the PBC rules of entrance?
I wonder if you have PBC rules of entrance???

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The Borneo Jam Rock Fest POSTPONED

Postponed due to COVID-19 Virus. New date still to be confirmed later

So all rock fans and people who like live music this is a big oppurtunity to enjoy this!

Tickets are only 20 RM and for sale in the office!

Happy Hour promotion daily from 4pm – 6pm

In compliance with the guidelines of Sarawak Disaster Management Committee announced on the 13 March 2020, we regret to announce that the Borneo Jam Rock Fest has been postponed due coronavirus (COVID-19) which has now become a public health emergency of international and national concern given that the safety and wellbeing of participants is priority.

We deeply regret any inconvenience this has caused. More details on future date to follow. Please check the Piasau Boat Club Webpage for more updates and details. Click on link https://piasauboatclub.com/

Dear everyone,

Good day from Piasau Boat Club!

In responding to the Movement Control Order taken by Our Prime Minister’s Special Announcement on COVID -19 dated 16th March 2020, the Management of Piasau Boat Club would like to inform you that Piasau Boat Club will be closed from 18th until further notice.

Thank you.

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Map of Piasau Boat Club Facilities Map

I have created this map on Google Earth .

I have also made a video of an early morning stroll through the Piasau Boat Club Facilities. The are many wonderful facilities at the Piasau Boat Club that many you may not be aware off.

Tennis/Climbing Wall & Squash Facilities

Piasau Boat Club has very extensive facilities available for tennis that at present is underutilized.

I have created this map on Google Earth

Tennis Notice Board

In front of the Tennis Court 1 & 2 is the tennis notice board. See video. This has information posted for booking and club rules etc. Some of the rules posted in this notice board for booking courts are very restrictive/demanding. These rules probably go back many years when the here was high demand for booking tennis courts. Suggest the PBC Manager and the PBC Committee review the information posted in this notice board in light of the current circumstances and lower demand.

For more up to date information on booking go to Piasau Boot Club go to Tennis – Piasau Boat Club .

Tennis Court 1 & 2

See videos below. As you enter the front gate you will see the switch on the flood lights for nighttime games. You will need a key to activate the lights. The nets are already in place Court 1 has a small stand to seat about 50 spectators, with electrical fans and lighting There is an Umpires chair, score boards etc. Court 1/2 has all facilities for staging a tennis tournament

. One of the players in video a Tennis Coach. See video below

Tennis Court 3 & 4

See video. As you enter the front gate you will see the switch on the flood lights for nighttime games. You will need a key to activate the lights. At each end of the court 3 & 4 there are goal nets permanently in place for playing foosball. Tennis Nets are available but not in place. I think they are using these courts mainly used for foosball. My son said he has played foosball matches on these courts with his friends… Court 3 has a small stand to seat about 50 spectators, with electrical fans and lighting . There are 4 basketball net stand available next to court 3. Court 3/4 has all facilities for stage a tennis/foosball/basketball tournament

Climbing Wall

See video. This facility is in a secluded location between Court 1/2 & Court 3/4 . There are a few optional faces including an overhead/boulder face. Many PBC members or not even aware that this facility exists and there seems to be zero demand for this facility among PBC members. It may well be the only climbing wall in Miri??? There may be a demand in Miri outside the current membership. I have seen a few climbing topics on MiriCommunity.net so there may be a demand in the wider Miri Community. I believe there are some safety issues to be resolved before this facility available for use?

Squash Courts

Entrance to Squash from car park

Squash Court No. 1

Squash Court No. 2

Competitive match on Squash Court No. 1

More Piasau Boat Club Videos

Beach Day Out at Piasau Boat Club.

Young kids having fun in the PBC play ground. This video is a good quality production


Intense Daybreak Outdoor Circuit Exercise at PBC

The youngest Skateboard rider In Miri

Piasau Boat Club Intense Rugby Training at

Sunset at Piasau Boat Club

Lion dance at PBC

Family Day Party at Piasau Boat Club

Dance and music at PBC

Kite surfing at PBC Beach

PBC Bouncing Castle

PBC Beach Day 2019

Recent dawn photos I took at the beach

In this sunrise photo it looks like the trees are on fire

This is a photo of a full moon in the west at dawn with is light being reflected in the sea, at the same time the rays from the sun in the east are illuminating the clouds in the sky.

This is a literal translation of Chinese from the original English text using Google Translate . Hope it makes sense?

In order to comply with SOP of Sarawak Disaster Management Committee, please take note of the following temporary arrangement.

Business Hours:
• Bar and Restaurant: Monday, 12noon till 9pm
Tuesday – Sunday, 9am till 9pm
• Tennis: 6:30am till 7pm (singles games only). Members only
• Children’s playground: 6.30am till 7pm. Parents have to supervise children (for 1m distance and hygiene)
• Sports with physical contact (i.e. squash, basketball, volleyball, badminton are not permitted).
• PBC GYM, inflatable pool and bouncy castle are closed
• Watersports activities not permitted.
• There will be a registration counter when entering the Club to take temperature, member’s & non-members name, and contact phone number where hand sanitizer will also be available.
For non-members at the registration counter they will required to purchase an Entrance Fee Coupon – RM 10 nett/per vehicle. Only applicable to be use for redemption at PBC Beachcomber Bar & Restaurant for the value of RM 10 nett on the day of dated entry. For more details follow this link Entrance Fee Coupon – Piasau Boat Club
• Please ensure that you wash your hands regularly, keep social distancing, apply sanitizer where no water is available and put your mask on.

We appreciate your co-operation and hope you enjoy your time here with us.

Thank you

David Teo

Interim General Manager

Hope you make it to the PBC to enjoy the first weekend of the new phase of MCO.

Please also check out the rules for entering PBC in both English & Bahasa Malay . Follow link below:-


Dear valued members,

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these uncertain times and hope everyone is well and staying healthy.

We are pleased to announce our GYM room and Squash court will be re-opened on 15th June 2020.

Opening Hours will be from 8:00a.m. till 8:30p.m.

The operation of the gym will have some new rules that will involve wiping down the equipment after use, and we will have the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) posted at the gym.

We seek your understand & cooperation to adhere to the procedure for the health and wellbeing of all our members and to maintain the utmost hygiene in the gym.

The gym will also be limited to 10 users at max capacity for the time being, this may change as time progresses.

This is your gym and our gym, and we to work together with yourselves to keep it safe for all involved, if there are any issues with the equipment, do let us know via the office or drop us an email or via our social media links.

Have a safe and productive workout.

Thank you


Sports Member

Shortly after the PBC was re-opened , just as I was walking way from my parked car towards the PBC I saw a Hornbill attacking a bright red, shiny car in the car park. I think he was attacking his own reflected image. It was such a frenzied attack the Hornbill never noticed me and I got so close to the Hornbill I could have touched him. I managed to video the frenzied attach and I have posted the video on YouTube. See link below

On Wednesday the 20 June 2020, I parked my car at the PBC car park for late evening jog/walk towards the Lutong Beach . I have often done this over recent years but it was the first time in months due the COVID 19 MOC. It was a beautiful sunny day and the beach conditions we good for beach activities . I took a few shots of on my mobile phone of all the happy people down at the beach. We still need though to make sure we don’t relax social distance/ wearing of mask too much, as we could get a second wave of COVIC 19 and another lockdown at home . See photos below.

I always prefer to go for evening jog/walk down the beach because of the fresh salty breeze and to watch the beautiful sunsets. Even if the conditions beach or not good there is the option of Jog/walking round the PNR. See photo below. For some unknown reason cycling is still not allowed in the PNR??

Whether you choose to jog/walk down the beach or the PNR I recommend to spend some time in the PBC restaurant/bar for some refreshments and food as you watch the sunset before you drive home.


More good news:- The PBC Gym is opening up on the 15 June 2020.

PBC have published this new Brochure

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