What you may not know about the Piasau Boat Club (PBC)

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I have been a member of Piasau Boat Club for many years. During a recent discussion between members, it was it was mentioned that some people in Miri did not know that the Piasau Boat Club even existed . Well I have been going there on a regular base for many years and I can confirm it does exist. The problem is if you are already a member or live in the immediate area, you know all about the Piasau Boat Club (PBC). I hope posting this topic makes the wider Miri Community aware of the existence of the Piasau Boat Club (PBC) and what it has to offer .

For details following these links: http://piasauboatclub.com/ https://www.facebook.com/piasauboatclub/ Tripadvisor review/photos at Sunset - Picture of Piasau Boat Club, Miri - TripAdvisor

The club is also in the same area as the Piasau Nature Reserve (PNR) with easy access to the Piasau Nature Reserve. See link for details. https://piasaunaturereserve.com.my/

Also, it was mentioned in our conversation that many people don’t know where the Piasau Boat Club is Located. It is a bit off the beaten track and not well sign posted but readily accessible and close to most location in Miri. Just drive over the Piasau Bridge and turn left at the traffic lights. Travel along Jalan Peninsula. Take the second turn on the right then just follow the signs post for Piasau Boat Club (PBC). . See map below;
Piasau Boat Club (PBC) is located a secluded attractive location close to the beach and adjacent to the Puasai Nature Reserve.

    Another misconception about the Boat Club is you can’t get access the Club Area if you are not a member. That is no longer true. The Beachcomber Bar and Restaurant open to the public Monday to Sunday. See link for details: http://piasauboatclub.com/2019/01/04/piasau-boat-club-beachcomber-and-restaurant-now-open-for-the-public/
    You may also be able to enter club for various special events. You have just missed out on Valentine’s Day & Chinese New Year events. See link for updates: News & Events – Piasau Boat Club

    It is not a requirement that you are Shell or Petronas staff to be a member For various options on membership go to : Types – Piasau Boat Club

    The name “Boat Club” often creates a miss conception of what the Piasau Boat Club (PBC) is all about. Originally it was a basically a Boat Club but over the years it has evolved in to a Sport and Recreation Club. While it still does have excellent Boating/Water Sport facilities it also cater for many other sporting and social actives including a well-equipped Gym, Tennis Court, Squash Court, Climbing Wall etc.
    If you are looking for a good gym, this is probably the best gym in Miri. You can get cheaper gyms but if you look at the other facilities available for club membership it is probably the best value for money. See link: Gym – Piasau Boat Club

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I am a frequent user of the Gym. Based on my experiences using the gym I have some comments and photos I wish to share with you.

• The equipment is well maintained. There is a log book to register faulty/broken equipment next to the gym entry. The log book is checked daily and required repairs carried out in good time.
• Although the gym is well equipped its as large floor area, so it’s not congested. There is plenty of spare room for aerobic activities etc.
• The gym is always bright with good lighting from both natural lighting through the large widows in the day time and the electric lighting system in the evening.
• The gym is always cool. There AC units are mounted all sides of the gym, so the all areas of the gym are cool. There ample AC capacity to keep the gym cool on the hottest of days.
• If you like to listen to music while exercising there is facilities to play music from disc or from your phone over the sound system that covers the entire area of the gym with local area volume adjustments. There is through a mandatory upper limit on the volume, so please respect this limit and have consideration for other people. If you want to listen to very load music its better, you use your personnel head set. You can even watch Music Videos on the TV/Sound System
• There is good Wi-Fi coverage in the gym area. The password is posted on the wall

Khalis is the Gym attendant and is always available if you need help. He is a very conscientious guy. He makes sure all the equipment is in good, safe working order and stored in the right place. Please help him by putting the weights and equipment back where you found them. Khalis also can give instruction on basic exercise routines. The gym always has one set of Suspension Exercise equipment connected. The are anchor points for up to 8 sets for group training. The treadmills are always in demand. New tread mills have recently been installed to cater for the growing demand. The tread mills and cross trainer face the windows with a view of the beach. ![IMG_20190213_104513%20(1)|375x500] (upload://A0q1WIYFsodQmGUHyOBzhjHjehW.jpeg)

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Date(s) - 09/03/2019
9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Beach Day Is Back!!

PBC’s Beach Day is back everyone!!

The day starts at 9 am and will last until 7 pm! We wide range of activities for the everyone to participate in :
– Sailing
– Kayaking
– Windsurf
– Banana Boat Ride
– Sand Castle
– Bouncy Castle
– Beach Soccer
– Beach Volleyball
– Kites

Also lot of other entertainment, BBQ, promotions, live band!

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I often park my car at the Piasau Boat Club (PBC) in the evening and go for a jog or a gentle walk along the beach, followed by a sundowner beer at the Beachcomber Bar

I believe we are blessed with some of the most beautiful Sunsets in the world. I went to Bali in January. The sunsets in Bali were impressive but not as beautiful as the Miri Sunsets. These are some of photos I have taken with my mobile during my evening jog.

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Dear valued members,

We are pleased to announce that in the month of May we will have Zumba trial lessons. The details of the lessons are as follows:

Dates: 8th, 9th, 13th, 15th, 22nd, and 23rd

Venue: PBC Gym

Time: 6.45pm- 8pm

It is FREE for PBC members to join during the trial period and RM 15 per person for non-members.

Note for non-members: The lesson coupon can be bought at the security checkpoint, same as the entrance coupon. Therefore, if you buy the Zumba coupon, you will no need to pay for the entrance fee.

For further questions, please call us at 085-640063 or PM us on our Facebook page.

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Beach Fun Day is here again!

The day starts at 11 am and will last until 5 pm! We have a wide range of activities for everyone to participate in :

– Banana Boat
– Kayaking
– Bouncy Castle
– Windsurf
– Sailing
– Sand Castle
– Beach Soccer
– Beach Volleyball
– Kites

And So much more!!

At the same time, we are also will have traditional dance, music, and games in conjunction with the Gawai-Raya Celebration.

Entrance is FREE.

The banana boat ride will be charged at RM 10 per 15 minutes ride.

So come along and enjoy the awesome day! And also don’t forget to bring your friends and loved ones with you too! :wink: #beachlife #awesomeday #awesomepeople #hype #gawai#party #music #dance

For any inquiries call us at 085-640063 or message us at our Facebook page. :slightly_smiling_face: