What was your 80s-90s greatest hits?

The radio was playing some greatest hit back in 80s-90s yesterday. there was this one song that really caught my attention, it was “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men. They used to be my favourite and the song brought back a lot of memories.

Then, I started to dig out some older love songs that I used to listen and they all brought back different type of memories. I spent the whole night “re-visited” my past. :smiley:

Now, I am very keen to re-collect a bunch of old favorite songs. Tell me what was your favorite love songs in the 80s-90s?

We Are The World by USA to Africa

My hot favorites have gotta be all of the U2’s ‘Joshua Tree’ hits & … the kinda sentimental Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting”. I actually attended U2’s and Marx’ concert in 1989 and 1990 respectively both times in Canada! :lol:

Merry Christmas, Stef! Here’s a small gift for you…Hope it brings back good memories!

Aw…Cupid. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too. :wink:

my favourtie english song that time will be Right here Waiting and Zombie by Cranberries …


Nice video…

the back alley scene… if the video was shot in Miri… there surely would be somebody there “kencing berdiri” towards the wall…

(the other day i saw bus driver while on his passenger rounds doing the same but at the rear end of his bus… in whole public view…) - what a resort city view… ha ha ha



my favourite 80-90’s song would be “I ain’t missing you at all” - John Waite and “All I want to do is make love to you” - Heart

I have the MP3 for both songs… pm me if u want them


= deleted with apology =

does being on d front cover of Queen’s “it’s a kinda Magic” album
taken from their last UK show in Knebworth 86,
constitute “my greatest hits 80’s-90’s” ?! :smiley:

will try post d pic late pm!

we r approaching 30s bcos we r talking about 80s-90s songs!!
i dun hv any particular song but p.diddy “i’ll be missing u still” still rock

hungry like a wolf, sweet child of mine, money for nothing and walk of life etc

dougie im now at ICU, the aftermath of Tiger Beer kicked last night (hungover) :lol: :lol: :lol:

have a good day miricom

in answer to Stef’s thread,
has to be 86/87(ish!) & Wet Wet Wet’s
“i feel it in my fingers/ i feel it in my toes…!”

bought the 10 tkts for the nearest & dearest,
live at Stirling Castle 2005, song came on…
then d memory stick on camera died.

(Baham, i got poisoned…
was being chased around d room
all night by GIANT spiders (MSG!))

New Kids on the Block, Tommy Page and Rick Ashley…

  :lol: Together forever, and ever again...together forever with you..u..

Step by Step…oooo…baby…gonna get to you girl…

      Picture this.....you and me...all alone......(memory blocked)

Guns N Roses- Paradise City

Well its not a love song but in those days i only listen to rock music :wink:

Thank you all for participating. :smiley: I did not expect to get so many replied. THANK YOU!!!

Alvino, rock music could be love song, too? Am I right? :smiley: I also listen to soft rock like Aerosmith.

Pixie, I love Boyz II Men too. Oh and Tevin Campbell and Brian Mcknight. Hm…I should start searching for their old songs… .

Thank you once again, all of your postings just made my day. :smiley:

Keep it coming!! :wink:

i like boyz II men songs too stef hehe…i like “On Bended Knees”

[quote=“dougie”]…being on d front cover of Queen’s “it’s a kinda Magic” album…
…will try post d pic late pm![/quote]

as promised!!

i’m standing next to d beer tent at rear!
not sure which record label produced this album, mayb EMI
but actuall 12" album cover spread open, like a book,
picture covering two sides,
& was that a very similar pic was shown,
& in d top right hand corner,
clear as day, was my white blanket (very near to d beer tent!) :lol:

the day was pure Magic,
the best performer of the 80’s…

:shock: cannot see a thing except the helicopter. :shock:

Haaa…i found this and thought it was absolute classic!!!

haaa…i cannot stop laughing at the hairstyle and fashion back then! Haaa…

this song actually remind me of “ice ice baby” :shock: