What sound System you use for your PC/MAC?

well…i use altec lansing ATP-3…you guyz?i only ask nia,no other purpose on…share the model if know too…hehe :mrgreen: …Anywhere…ppl who finished reading this thread just vote,k? :?: :?: :?:

what soundcard do u use for ur ATP3?

Creative Inspire 4400 with Audigy 2

im using Logitech Z4i for my desktop and Bose Companion 2 for my laptop…

using logitech x-220…5 years old edi

a normal labtop soundcard only… :mrgreen:

43 ppl review but 10 votes only…so lazy to tekan vote button meh? :cry:

ok la, give face to inspire. i use capbalang china stereo (rm 40++ only, 2 speaker + 1 ‘sub woofer’ lol, mostly use laptop built-in ‘altec lansing’ or A4 tech earphone. haha…

Speaker : Altec Lansing VS4121
Soundcard: Creative

Speaker : Altech Lansing ATP-3
Sound Card - Creative Sound Blaster Live 24bit

forgot my altec lansing code.
2.1 speaker (black) since 2003
sound card: motherboard

wont b buyin sound in near future bcos i dun really play pc games anymore.

anyone use home hifi for their pc? :mrgreen:

Altec Lansing.

i think can eh, how about car woofer and amp?

Im using the speaker & subwoofers my last pc came with :stuck_out_tongue: bought a full set Acer Aspire RC900 incl lcd monitor + speaker+subwoofer+mouse/keyboard. Got a new rig now but using the same monitor&speakers

Altec Lansing and Eacan.

i think can eh, how about car woofer and amp?[/quote]

of coz can…thats y i ask whos using it :mrgreen:

Speaker: Altec Lansing
Soundcard: Soundblaster Audigy

so many vote for altec lansing, ehehe nice

i used to like altec lansing pc speakers. but now after i listen to Edifier, i like them. very good speaker with reasonable price. i wonder why klipsch is not in the pole vote. izit not qualified? :mrgreen:

i thought klipsch only valid at home theatre and audio only??ok…edifier nice?