What kind of speaker u using?

hi all, come to share what kind of speaker u using? isit good? :smiley:

im using altec lansing vs4121… quite satisfied with it… not very exp and performes very well

logitech z4, bassy yet clear
philips mms321, clarity of treble and high notes - best for acoustic songs

OT: Oh this model can literally rock a room. Absolutely loves the bass :mrgreen:

OnT: Altec Lansing too. But the model is soo old i cant find it on the AL’s site lol

some sort of sony surround system. i miss my sound system that i left behind it scotland… 1600watts that you can hear from 2 floors below my old room when its only playing at about 5 percent volume

used them when i was spinning at a couple parties before. :smiley:

creative 5.1 (forgot wat model…)

woofer not satisfying. but the satelites are superb for speakers at rm150~200 range.

ideal for small bedroom.

I’m using 1 peavey speaker. The other is still missing.
My monitor keeps changing color.

Altec Lansing ATP3, 2.1, Quite old but still good =]!

Got 2 rigs & a laptop at home…my laptop got built-in Altec Lansing speaker, while my rigs use Logitech & Eacan. The Logitech 1 cost like RM30+ only, but the sound quite solid. The Eacan 1 cost something like RM 200+ & the sound is really really real…if u play 1-person shooting games fitted with that speaker, it was like you are really in a battlefield LOLX!!!

But best speaker in Miri market is still Edifier…is saving up money now 2 replace my 3 year old Logitech…XD

i using logitech x-540… not bad ya but i also prefer altec lansing…

i using lapsap RM15 headphones =)

ErU hari hari cheat cheat 1… laz time saw u using razor speaker sold at apple shop at parkson d…

lol…me no duit liao if got also get new comp first lar…
i saw you use razer carcharias that day at ur house o.O

using edifier m3300, 2.1, 6.5" woofer… Very satisfy wit it…

i’m using http://www.acoustic-energy.co.uk/Product_range/Aego_series/Aego_M.asp this…superb.

ur using laptop…? =0

using 10 year old Acer speaker nia la… poor me… anyone using DIvoom speaker?? http://www.divoom.com its cheap… but don knw how reliable is it…

u may try it and tell us =D

so how’s the performance of the aego m?

i am using Edifier HSC 2330 … 4 month using it already and it ok… the reason i mean it ok is…i couldn’t test the system to full volume yet… living near to next house neighbor sure is painful haha