What is your favorite music genre?

I don’t know about everyone here but rock n roll hs always been my thing. From Zeppelin to Metallica. I love rock and metal!

Me too, rock & metal, something like that;
-A day to remember
-August Burns Red
-Bring Me the Horizon
-Comeback Kid
-Drowning Pool
-Funeral For a Friend
-Killswitch Engage
-More than a thousand
-Motionless in white
-Picture me broken
-Ring of Saturn
-Rise to remain
-Suicide Silence

I enjoy listening to 70s mandarin songs. They don’t make music like these anymore…sad!

I really enjoy most music that is out there. I know that a lot of people say that, but it’s true. I do mostly enjoy the ‘poplar’ music that you hear on the radio all the time though.