What is this?

What’s the meaning of this? Do the shop(s) around that area own the road?
If that’s the attitude of the shop(s’) owner around there, then I for 1 will go somewhere else! There are a lot of other places that need the business!

What’s that? A no parking sign? It may not be necessary the shopowners doing that, could be the act of someone mischievous or a metal theft gone wrong. Or someone accidentally backed into that pole and dragged it out into the middle of the road when reversing.

What’s the story behind it|?

That’s what I want to know also! I nearly knock the damn thing just now.
There were cars slowing down for no apparent reason, I couldn’t see the thing
until I try to over-take the slowing cars! I turned back and made the 2nd pass
and took this photos. Looks like the thing has been there for quite a while, at
least the owner of it have the courtesy of removing it!
Damn uncivilizes man these people.

go report it to local newspaper n city council.
if ur vehicle is damaged or u were injured by those pole(s), can sue one.
s long s u r dare 2 do it n got some money.
i think it is illegal to put chairs n tables on d road.
if u langgar d customer who was eating on d table, u can sue oso.
jalan raya utk kereta bergerak bukan untuk org duduk makan2. 8)

why nobody moves it away but instead make a second pass and snap a photo and then post it to the internet while that darn thing is still sitting there and probably run over by a poor guy or lady sometime tonight due to poor visibility…? just curious… :lol: :lol: :lol:

No worries as the metal thief will “take care” of that metal pole.