What is this signage telling u?


saw this when I went down to Yu Lan Plaza this afternoon… looking across to our Miri Police Station… I saw this signage :shock:

Is this signage telling people that the wire fencing is high voltage or wat?

It’s definitely the universal sign for dangerous high voltage wiring…& the warning “High Voltage” beneath it indicates so. I’ve even touched the wiring with my dirty little paw & there’s no electricity.

There’re beautiful flowers & plants under these cables… :shock:

My conclusion: it’s a permanent April Fool’s Day joke on gullible Mirians by the Miri Municipal Council. :wink: :lol:

some joke

more like showing the world their incompetence.

It is definitely the sign to warn people of high voltage. My curiosity, what’s the purpose of those high voltage wire fencing :?: :roll:

Could be a hoax…to keep public away from damaging the beautiful flowers or there may be high voltage underground power lines. Guys, If I were you I will just keep away from that area. It may not be necessarily triggered by merely touching it.

Maybe it uses to force the pedestrians to use overhead bridge or there is a high voltage cable underground.

if there is a high voltage cable underground… don’t u think it will sounds better if the notice goes like " High Voltage Underground Cable "…