What is the thing you really wanted to do if can?

Hehe…just for fun…
What is the thing you really most wanted to do if can?

Fly a plane / helicopter, and skydiving (Not necessarily all at once).

just for fun???
drive/race with a f1 car and beat Kimi,Massa,Lewis,Hekki,Alonso…
drive/race with a subaru impreza WRC and beat Loeb,Solberg,
ride a motoGP bike and beat Stoner,Rossi…

i want to be as lengcai as vixious!

complete a dream sound system

give me a time machine… and return to y2k

Eradicate all forms of sickness, health issues, diseases from this world. Effectively making mankind die of very very old age only. I didn’t say immortality.

the ability to read/or not to read other people’s mind with the ability to influence it.

Not Realistic: Have the superpower… especially to be INVISIBLE… hehehe :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

More Realistic: Travel around the World… but first need to have money… or join The Amzing Race Asia 4 :slight_smile: 8)

war free world

build my own kingdom with no money and pollution!i had been planning for it for over 15 years…just not enough resources to make it realistic… :frowning: :frowning:

wan to party all day long not in a sense of clubbing
as in like having a gathering and BBQ kah
it would be fun

I want to say sorry to all people i have meet before. So hard to do it.

hmm , suprisingly no one said they want infinite fortune ? haha.

anyway my dream is to do so many things. let me list them.

  1. Visit all the continents in the world.
  2. Work in Google .
  3. Work in Shell.
  4. Earn enough money for me to spend and save.
  5. Have a healthy life…

its more like hope. not dream… haha

who is going to feed them? you?

[quote=“bunyimanok”]Hehe…just for fun…
What is the thing you really most wanted to do if can?[/quote]

turn things to what i like…unlimited superpower

Can let me go back year 1998??

return to the point i never exist…

dont worry, you are almost 1/3 way there already… just keep going, you’ll reach there. :wink:

earn 1 billion