What is the NATIVE FRUIT of Malaysia?

It’s the RAMBUTAN. Are you surprised?
Rambutans are in season and appearing again in Miri, joining the Durians which have somewhat dropped in price lately. The Rambutan comes from the Malay word RAMBUT and is sometimes referred to as the HAIRY lychee. The Rambutan is quite a love-able fruit, sweet, juicy and full of vitamins. Our Riam area used to be famous for its Rambutans, it still is… join me at http://wowoic.blogspot.com for some juicy clips. God Bless you. ju2u

I come from Sarikei, rambutans and langsat from Sarikei the BEST ler.

Do you mean the Native fruit of Sarawak? I dislike Durian’s but I love Rambutans ;D

i say - any tropical fruits considered native to malaysia. :slight_smile:

This one i have to agreed with you…
these plant has been existed for thousands of years on this land…

how can they are not be native fruit?

I don’t see any juicy clips there :expressionless:

now now, even with Rambutans, he has fondled your thoughts :smiley:

I beg to differ, pulasan taste much better than rambutans.

took the pulasan in manila when I was there, a little bit sour/sweet to my taste.

try Malaysian pulasan, taste is almost identical to rambutan (a bit sour tang in it) but the texture of the flesh is off the charts.

could we get that in Miri? would love to try the local ones. some varieties of rambutans, the yellow and seedless ones, are fantastic.

Seedless rambutans are really a blessing. Yes, pulasan is available in Miri. I got friends planting them even back in their backyard. Try scouting the market. I remember seeing it at RM5/kg. Haven seen too many types of pulasan though, hope someone will make the seedless pulasan