What is the 'Holocaust'?

Any one here knows the history of this holocaust?

Are you referring to the WWII one?

Ethnic cleansing of Jewish people by Hitler’s army I think. What I know from the top of my mind right now.


Ya…thanks Ian. I feel the young generation should know what it is about and at the moment it is still happening in Sudan. In the early 1990’s it was Bosnia.

Thanks for sharing the link.

some radical Muslim cleric and nation believed dat this thing nvr happen in europe during WW11.
they said it was a conspiracy done by the western civilization.
no wonder we can nvr be peace with them.
they alwez have thing to disagree and cari gado.
mayb the world is better without em…

Darn, I hate this. I have seen too much sufferings in India and Pakistan, all in the name of religion. It is always the monotheists (believer in one God) that cause trouble as they always think that their God reigns supreme. Polytheists know how to share power and they welcome people of all religions.

Personally, I don’t believe in any supreme being. We all breath the same air, and life is too short for hatred and misery.

Nothing beats the infamy of Cannibal Holocaust, though :wink:

Hi Jack! can we discuss about this ‘holocaust’ topic in here? I’m currently studying this topic in detail as part of my ’ the history of islam’. i got lots to share… he he…

Hi asterix - as long as it’s from a positive point of view and constructive. The wikipedia link on it was pretty good - it covers a lot on it in detail.

From what I learnt early on, it was mainly Hitler and Nazis, but I don’t see how the history of Islam is related here though.

Hi ian, I have read this website before thanks. it’s a side study only but a found it very interesting. It became related to the study of islam due to the denial of holocaust by the islam.

Whatever i learned abt about islam during those Form six yrs are incomplete.

Actually there was some large scale holocaust happening in the past. For example, the bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki only by two Atom bombs. Quite Sad to hear that because of war and battles civilians would get in their way too…

Thanks for pointing out the a-bomb droppings too, Sileast20. Japan’s history of WWII was altered slightly too, and do have some denials too At least with the whacking done to them, they become super quality-conscious drones which manufacture meticulously engineered products, mainly cars so we can enjoy driving.

Same goes with Germany btw. I have this theory that the nation needs to be big evil country-invading, war-provoking force which eventually gets worn down and defeated to be able to make really nice cars that people desire. :? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, we had holocaust in our own backyard too. I read that the town of Bau was so named because it stank of Chinese corpses massacred by the Ibans. The British paid the tribemen 5 pence for every Chinese head. There are mass slaughters everywhere, depending on how you want to remember or describe them. People were ignorant at that time. We all learnt from our mistake and move on. Holding grudges are for narrow-minded individuals. Look at our society now, there are no feeling of enmity and animosity within the communities. And now take a look at the Arabs and Jews. :lol: Don’t you think they should learnt a thing or two from us? Perhaps we should sent some of our Dayaks or Chinese members as peace counsellors. :lol:

their tag as head hunters of borneo is well defined.
d ibans r so ruthless dat they killed other ibans from other place.
i found interesting info bout it in wikipedia…
money can buy loyality n make u powerful.
no wonder there r some ibans r wiling to sell their lands n future during election for just some money. :shock:

holocaust occurred in Iraq too during Saddam’s reign.
also in africa and balkan region.
during islamic glorious civilization era, conversion was sometime done by swords in conquered land