What is answer to life

Different people have different perspective & assumptions. Read article as it is. No Comment Please. If you agreed then continue.

[spoiler=]The answer to this question is different for every individual. The answer to life for you is dependant on your value system. Your particular set of morals/values, are those that you inherited from genetic sources and those that you learnt from the environment within which you were raise. The answer to life for you therefore depends on your belief systems.

When I was searching for the meaning of life, I first found my answer to the following questions; who am I? Where am I? Why am I?

Who are you? Are you an organism that was created from a chemical combination of other organisms? Are you just living to die or is there an existence beyond this body that was created from organic digestion (the food you eat)? Are you an absolute entity called a soul? What gives all of matter its intelligence? Where do atomic and subatomic (nano) particles get their intelligence? Can something be created from nothing?

Where are you? Are you resting on a bed somewhere dreaming all of this? Do you know that you are dreaming when you are dreaming? How do you know that it was all a dream (illusion/virtual-reality)? Are you a speck of dust in a massive cosmic sphere?

Why are you here? Did you have a choice in the matter? Does your existence have a purpose? Do you add value to the universe? Are you a link in the cosmic chain of evolution/creation?

The answer to life lies in the question of whether or not you are just living to die. Because every breath of life you take, you come one breath closer to death. So the time you spend bothered by what could or should be is time wasted in imagination and fantasy.

This virtual sphere within which we exist, is filled with thrills that can excite our every emotional physiology and psychology.

If you were to follow the discoveries of science in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, you would be amazed with the billions of interactive processes taking place in and around you every second.

If you were to scientifically look within your body you would discover that there is an entire universe of cells and organisms living and functioning within you.

You should learn of the billions of intelligent life-forms that you interface with every second of your life. When I speak of life-form I am actually referring to those intelligent entities (Nano Particles) which constitute the building blocks of our universe.

Your ability to interact with this universe and the various forms of energy around you depends on the work of these intelligent entities.

You are able to see, smell, taste, touch, hear, speak and move because of the intelligence of these micro particles. Waveforms such as light and sound are communicated to processors within your brain, which quantifies and categorizes the data for your appreciation.

Finding your answer to your life therefore will be determined by your ability to appreciate every moment by making the most positive use of it because every breath of life you take you are one breath closer to death. So live right and do good always enjoy the existence you have now and if you awaken and realize that this was all a dream, then make it a sweet dream.


When we all have different perspectives towards what the answer to life is. Well, we’d have different answers, after all, we are only humans, and humans, defines being different than each other.

Some say the answer is love, meaning, being apart of something. Feeling, like you belong. Others think otherwise.[/spoiler]

Exactly, the answer depends on the individual!
Well, my answer? still vague and searching thou, but for me, it is more than just being an organisms. lol, if we regard ourselves as an organism, then we are no more different than the other animals.

Beside science, religion also have their own definition on life… =.=

happiness. to gain so, earn & manage money.

apai, that the materialistic answer for life… it’s materialistic but undoubt the rational answer. lol.

Please be realistic & rational. How to survive by eating grass only? :stuck_out_tongue:

Please be realistic & rational. How to survive by eating grass only? :P[/quote]
haha, by having a stomach structural similar to cow… wakaka… yeah, kudos to the no money no talk phrase. haha.

My life is simple:

Enjoy life, ignore others, do not let people control your life, its your life, live to the max, money can grow and nothing to worry about.

You might find something different if u go to church!.. i am serious

Mine… simple…Seeking Happiness and Love…tat’s all.

Answer to that question…I believe is what is in this song by India Arie :wink:


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