What happens, if a Ferrari hits a pole @ 320 KMPH?


The answer: Nothing !!!

The man only had some bruising ( seat belt ) that’s all!!


Waiting list for a new one = 2 years.

woo… at that speed + freaky accident $1.3 million i guess worth it still being able talk to the cop (look at the picture)… LOL :smiley:

It hit the pole sideways. I saw the actual news video about this - the driver ran away from the scene, leaving his passenger (which is the owner I think). It lost control, spun and hit a pole.

The driver and passengers are considered to be very very lucky they survived.

The Enzo is like, what, among 50 built in this world?

Sayang…, The MOst rarest Cars in the world and it looks to me it will be the rarest in the junkyard…I wonder…if it were to be sold at that point …hows it goin to be? half Price…still it needs the other end…hehehhehehe…jus to show that dun LET YOUR BEST FRIEND TRY OUT UR CAR EVEN THOUGH IT IS AN ENZO…NOT EVEN Micheal Shoemaker…

lessons: buy a ferrari to get full life inssurans LMAO

OMFG WTH IS THAT THING look at the engine…and the cokpit is like…fine? oh this is so nice

by the way, this is more than i think, i thought it will be nothing (yes, i answered correctly but never expect this will happen) i thought the pole will came off instead…but the engine is…1KM away lol

from what I heard, there are only producing 399 of these Enzos…and to own one, you must have previously owned both the F40 AND F50 or something like that…and if thats not enough, you gotta be hand picked by Ferrari to own one…and the price now is close to USD2 mill…

Interesting. Anyone want to get a second hand Enzo which comes free with a German girl in ebay? :smiley:

Source: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,13509-2251225,00.html#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=World

The Times
July 01, 2006

Buy my Ferrari and get me as well

A 26-year-old woman living in Germany is auctioning her red Ferrari Enzo sports car and including a little extra in the package herself.

She has invited bids on eBay, the internet auction site, starting at 1.25 million (860,000). The woman, who gave her name as Leila and said that she had been a singer in Syria, said that she was rich, liked her car and was looking for a man who could foot the bill for such a luxury.

Only a millionaire could afford such a car, she said. I want a man who doesnt like me just for my money.

Leila said that she would meet interested bidders but would need to see each suitors passport and proof of capital. No bids have been made yet in the auction, which ends in a week. (Reuters)

LOL hahaha

Looks like the joke I use to make towards the Vios “buy one car, free one Brittney” is coming true after all…although it is a syrian Brittney…

hehehe. In that case, you take Britney. I take the car. :lol: :lol:

Fair Enough…but you are paying coz I just get the girl…sort of like you pay one lum sum, I pay loan… :lol:

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Here’s the catch bro…at least I get to hump brittney rite…I dun think anyone want to hump a car…still sticking to that deal bro…??

i think you’re too very late, bro. Britney got a boy already… haha okay… Let me “hump” the car instead. LOL :lol:

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Red Horse down!

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