What good is a forum when one cant post reply after another?

I dont get it. Why am i not allowed to post another reply soon after i have submitted one? this is suppose to be a forum right? ie…i can chat as much i like.

To avoid spammers flooding the forum boards.

Sabar lah… it tooks time for your previous posting to enter the database ( I m just guessing )…

hehe but sometimes I do get it as well… so u just need to sabar… :wink:

Like geekguy said. It acts as a delay to prevent continuous flooding of spam. All good forum systems have this feature.

why so rushing about huh ? steady n stay cool…:slight_smile:

you obviously hvnt been on good established forums (who have hundreds and thousands of members) and thus delay of posting and searches is needed - to avoid spam and make sure that the system would be too burdened.