What different between personal business plan and group business plan?

Currently, my team is looking for business plan but after observation there are 2 types business plan
one is individual business like personal plan and another one is group business plan like family plan
which one is better and please kindly advice the different and your choice…

I always heard that many companies just use personal plan instead business plan. Business plans not very familiar maybe because of the price too expensive and more to corporate or big company.But how about a small company, can use this plan or not? I also want to know about both plans.

You ady listed out the difference. lol
If you work as a team then go for the business plan for group.
Individual can just pick the independent business plan will do.

but nowadays business plans have many choices…just like personal plan.
As my company using celcom business plan with 100gb for 5 person, it’s also depend what your company needs and choose the suitable package.

ya that’s true. all the choices likely personal plan with device only and the data quota also less
that’s is the celcom new business plan? because last time i observe but it also same like personal plan
100gb for 5 person quite a good deal and each person can get 20gb

Is there any plan more than 100GB ? or any better suggestion ? as I need more data than calls n sms , one day can use up to 1GB

are you using for what ? is it for company or personal ? of couse it has a lot of plan more than 100GB but it is only for business plan. not for personal

go through every telco , i think there are many plans to choose if you check carefully. make sure it is affordable and the coverage is good

Telco C has a business plan , it has 100GB , 550GB and 1100GB and price are reasonable

If for business plan kinda pricey and their line nowadays isn’t as good as before . I suggest take personal plan would be cheaper from this telco and others as well

yes , there are 3 business plan for telco C . you can choose to have S ,M , or L plan depends on your company needed.they off er almost 1100gb a month . it is really satisfied !

business plan is bit pricey is normal . but you have to consider of what the offer. they offer you more privileges . yr company get unlimited call to all network and sms. while you cannot get it when using personal plan.

true , plus choose to allocate the data to all employees, you are in control. so that you can minimise data wastage and increase productivity in your company when using business plan. there are a lot of choice of business plan so no worries

I am using for company purpose , as my company has to meet client outside of office . Tq for the advice

My partner has ady decided what to do with this , thank you for all the info especially all those useful feedback :pray: