What credit card to get?

So, anyone know how to apply a credit card without pay slip?

can that’s it supplementary card. no need income also can get.

But supplementary card, who want to let me have it?

SO, anyone can help me to get salary slip , or any backdoors? pm me, thanks !

I also want a credit card that works and legal…

Maybank Card is good for 0% 12months Interest Free Installment …

They need RM18K annual income before they want to issue a card. So “sombong” bank nowadays… :frowning:

Bukan SOMBONG… How many ppl go bankcrupt because of Credit Card? all only in their 20’s … Think about it man…

Nowadays banks “think for us”…

Haha… no wonder they make the commercial ads, “Bank that think for you”.

Just use a debit card. If you have the money a debit card will suffice and if you actually have more money with 100K in FD the banks will give you a free credit card no questions asked. Never EVER use citibank as they are like freaking crazy people with bad service, HSBC is meh so so , maybank is alright and the other banks are just about hte same. BUT IMHO a debit card is what I use for all my online purchases and I use Maybank Debit card for both local and overseas.

18k annual income is min req for classic card visa/master. for those who want legal way to get a card but without payslip look for any credit cards salesman some of them have ways, since every card approved they get them commission about 50-80 if not mistaken.

I know.
These person is what I am looking for… but have not found one yet…

look at shopping mall they always lepak there.

I am not sure if they are, but they seem to look down on me… young look(non-income group as they thought) hahaha… They didn’t know I am powerseller… :mrgreen:

So they did not offer me anything and when meeting this kind of people, I will not do any business with them.

hmm… can you be details, please?

I look like a hobo with no money. They don’t approach me! thank goodness! lolx