What credit card to get?

I don’t have a credit card and previously I never needed one as I believe it only makes one overspend more than they need. Even if I had to use one, its usually someone else card.

However with the recent online purchasing (order stuff, pay pal transfer, airasia) I think its time to get one just for the sake of convenience. Maybe a credit card with a RM5k limit would be enough.

Anyone know which to go for that will give you less trouble as lower interest rates?

ambank say they waive annual fee and absorb service tax. dunno how true. y don just use debit card>?

Which debit card is good? I wonder if it is widely use for online purchases.

I’m not sure but my mom use Maybank…

dash debit card cannot advance ma so need credit!! need more credit hahahaha

erm so far… public bank debit card is ok for me. paypal also can use and withdraw

maybank not bad

the best i would say is citibank. but for me, i choose maybank or CIMB.

avoid HSBC, lousy service.

If you’re planning to get a debit card, go for public bank as saf mentioned since u said you need it for online banking. I’ve been using public debit card for paypal, ebay and it works fine. I dont think maybank debit card works for paypal at this point yet…

vertigo wth citibank crredit card u get big amount of credit limit tat is wat i like about citibank card
im using maybank debit
nw trying to try a maybank credit card

hi!why dont try this Visa Credit card International…w zero interest,no late payment,no caj,blacklisted,ctos,muflis,housewife,all can apply w credit limit frm rm2k-100k.Try 2 c this web http://www.smartglobalinternational.com.interested then u can contact me 4 full presentation/details.tq hp:019-8917120 Aloy.

Nobody use Standard Chartered Debit Card ?

how do u pay citibank credit card bills?

I got Maybank and Ambank (Al taslif) To me Maybank is the best in terms of service and they discounted the annual interest to 15% for the advance payment before due date. Now i’m entitled to get 12.5% annual interest for retail purchase. Being used it for few years and got no problem wherever i swiped it.

I heard Bank Islam’s credit card charges are very low. Don’t go for Citibank, there are always some hidden charges when you advance cash. Moreoever, it is very inconvenient to pay Citibank bills. You have to go to RHB and pay commission of RM2 for every payment. Sometimes, after payment, Citibank still complains that they didn’t receive the payment.

the lowest finance charge of credit card goes to maybank american express series, only 9% per annum. but sadly its not widely accepted here but i only use for fuel & shopping in parkson which gives 5x reward points (groceries only)

Get from 1 local and 1 foreign bank.

Highly Recommended: HSBC & CIMB

I have cancelled all the rest…

Is there any credit card for student?

I can prepare salary slip, but it won’t come to the minimum requirement of the RM18K annual income.

Same like TT, I also want it for the sake of convenient and something like getting our wish list using the 0% monthly installment.

I have public bank debit card already… nowadays, when I try to put money inside using the CDM, the machine always out of service both branch near the gerai wawasan and KFC. :frowning:
It not so convenient now…

long long ago when i still study i can apply gold card with fake (salary slip).
now very hard they check ur EPF statement all the bank system link together.

Yalor… It’s not that I can’t pay. Haiz… =.="