What are they building opposite

What are they building opposite the Boulevard Shopping Mall?
The one currently on construction beside the Petronas station.

Just wondering. lol

Church of God

Building ‘Fountain’ -_-

Shin Yang punya Church.

fuyooo. i really thought it was a hotel

Shin Yang punya you know who very greedy punya la. Everthing they also want, as long as can make money, and now even want church, for what? heard they are trying to take over merdeka mall.

seems like they fail to take over Ng Sian Hup? :smiley:
take over Merdeka Mall n turn it into Tunes Hotel. -_-

hope ng sian hap wont be taken by shinyang lol…pray hard

Looks like there is Monopoly of Land in Miri…

There is a monopoly of land in SARAWAK. =)

no one in this world will complain of too much money. That’s why they never stop conquering…

so what else is new…? hehehe

no lah, i think the proper quote should be…

“The poor will complain about not having enough money to do things,
the rich will complain that they haven’t earn enough money”

I notice part of the right wing of the building facing the National Printing Office was demolished. What is happening :?:

for the bridge project i guess…shinyang will take this opportunity to virtually demolish the supermarket lol…see the construction havent reach ng sian hap that part they already block it…

Not Shin Yang punya church lah. They build only.

Shin Yang already bought over the land. Ng Sian Hup will be moving to Bandar Baru PermyJaya, after Pujut 7 Bridge, take note of the newly constructed building on the left side.

Yalo… They build only… Maybe donate… Since they go to Church of God also… Don’t speculate too far haha

it’s a place of worship…even masjid n tokong they build…

something to share here…

Ng Sian Hap will never let go want lo… as it is a family business started long time ago even b4 the existing of SY… we can all see when Boulevard is having BIG BIG sell where lots of ppl heading to it while NSH never do sale oso so many ppl EVERY DAY… dont know u ppl realise or not, some of the groceries sell at NSG is even cheaper compare to big supermarket. even during sale oso expensive then NSH regular price… i myself enjoy shopping at NSH… “thumb up” :smiley: