What are the purpose of car signal?

I have seen most of the car, not just in miri but anywhere, they turn the signal to the left/right but went straight, this kind of habits can make the accident, true? some of car turning to the left or right without the signal… this thing can make people angry… aiyaaa… no wonder la so much accident happen in miri


for decoration only? :slight_smile:

Testing the signal , see whether it is functional or not.

Its really annoying… I am wondering the same thing everyday I drive in miri…

Yup… its really make me annoying too…

the purpose is to make u multitask while driving?

some might forget…some might have the signal light burn out…some might feel it not important…some are just proud for not giving a signal…colourful world.

Time to install Car DVR, recording their actions.