What are the creepy places in Miri?


(Ask) #1

One of the creepiest places in Miri is when driving along the old cemetery road along Jalan Permaisuri late at night. Heard of so many tales of encounters there. Any other scary places here in Miri?

(allokitty) #3

Canada hill, i’ve caught photo of dark figure when searching for cycling trails down there.


(Cupid) #4

It is haunted because many innocent lives have been lost here - killed by the invading and later defeated Jap soldiers during WW2. i know - my grnduncle was murdered by the Japs at the internment camp close to the reservoir that is now gone. Gone but I know where the exact spot of the death camp is.

(Cupid) #5

The old Lutong bridge used to be creepy. It was the favorite execution site of the WW2 Japanese soldiers. People were beheaded here!

(allokitty) #6

Old lutong bridge? you mean this one?

(Cupid) #7

It looks like the new one … The old bridge was very narrow. It is not over the Miri River anymore. I heard a few stories about the new one-maybe the restless headless spirits are still hovering around at the site.

(lonnie88) #9

try not to go to this place… real creepy…those black figure are the past japanese soldier soul. my colleague’s relative used to jog there. Got lots of weird thing happen cox those thing get into him. in the end find sifu to remove it.