Were you in Popular Book store yesterday?

(Radler) #1

Specifically on the 27th of March 2018 and it was close to 2pm. I’ve just taken two of Agatha Christie’s (new fan here) off the shelf and was browsing around at the “self-enrichment” wondering which book was going to make a better person out of me until I decided all the covers were lame and none had the “x million copies sold worldwide” tag.

One book in lusty red caught my attention, however. “F*ck Love” was the title. Okay… a good start. A random page told me that “Choosing someone with good personalities with bad look is as bad as choosing someone with bad personalities with good look.” So I should go for bad looks with bad personality? No wonder no one reads these books.

So off I went to the main walkway, facing the Chinese books section, to make a call to a guy I was supposed to meet elsewhere in the complex. It was exactly when I looked up from my phone that I spotted her. A young lady by herself a few feet away in the magazine section (near the entrance), she stood with her back was facing me at the time. Her black hair was tied back, or not, I couldn’t vividly recall. She was wearing a black jean (again I’m not sure) skirt up to above her knees. Thin build, height was around 150-160 I would say. I was still on my phone waiting for the guy on the other end to pick up when she turned around and walked in my direction. That was when I saw her face for the first time. She had this model-like face which is pretty hard for me to describe (exotic? sublime? resplendent?) She looked like Chinese, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t. She walked past me without us having eye contact, no doubt I would be mesmerized by her if we had. I was too shy to keep staring any longer at that point so I looked away. The guy still hadn’t picked up so I ended the call and tried to steal another glance at her. She seemed to join her group of friends or family and that was the last I’ve seen of her. And I couldn’t stop thinking about her since. Bummer. By the way, she looked like 20-24 years old. I’m close to 30. Not very old I know. Everybody says I look young af.

I’ve been having regrets like why didn’t I approach her then and start a conversation then get her number. And I’ve been giving myself excuses (or facts) like because I was having a bloodshot eye (left) due to an infection, it would seem creepy to approach anyone for that matter, let alone her. And stuffs happened too quickly I didn’t know how to react. One of the more typical excuses, this.

Which brings me to this. If any of you Good Samaritans in the Miri Community happened to know or seen this lady in question please do let me know. It’s quite urgent. And if you’re the said lady, please get in touch with me ASAP, we have a we-need-to-get-to-know-each-other business to attend to.

Sadly, I couldn’t provide more information about her looks as the memory of her was pretty vague. It was a very brief encounter after all.