We're back

salam & haloooo everyone…

we’re back now but only for weekend orders … be it for weddings , birthdays or any family function jus liase with us for the menus-mostly are malay food (halal)…pm us ur number or email n we’ll get back to u… :slight_smile: :smiley: :lol:

weekend orders are welcome…


salam n gd aftn everyone,

for info we’re operating during weekends only (Sunday) , any orders please pm me - at least by Saturday , as we’re only home cooking & if the orders are out of hand we’ll need to decline

this coming week we r selling -a) Kueh tiaw goreng kerang / ayam - RM 5.00 / pkt
delivery time - 9.00 am
minimum order - 2 pkts

if ur area is around taman tunku or morsjaya - we are able to send to ur place.

mirians , thanks for your support :smiley: