Welcome to the new MiriCommunity.net

(FlyinMiriDuck) #141

Hi Jack…nice facelift. Btw, i tried posting a news but can’t seems to be able to find the “paste” button. I m using mobile

(4John) #142

So the McNet site dah salin baju dari gelap ke warna cahaya ke… :wink:

(Jackson Liaw) #143

@FlyinMiriDuck, mobile device uses the OS’s own touch interface for various actions. If you’re using iOS (iPhone, iPad), it’s a longer tap at the text area and menu will appear - (i.e. Select, Select All, Paste). Not sure if it is nearly the same for Androids.
@4John, baju kotor kena cuci bah. :wink:

(AnonymousCious14) #144

adoii…nice work @Jack !! likey…eventhough i have to start again from A :frowning: :#

(wiseguy58) #145

Hi, may i know y i can’t register a new acc? keep showing this :

  • Username can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and must be between 3 and 20 characters long
my username is a single word with 7 alphabets so should be valid…

(Jackson Liaw) #146

@wiseguy58, thanks for the feedback. Can you give it a try again by logging out and restarting your browser? This is a strange behavior which I am unable to replicate at my end currently. Highly suspect it could be Javascript which is not loaded properly?

(Keong1) #147

looks kinda slow and boring…sorry, I always speak the truth

(mayday) #148

How to change my username?

(Keong1) #149

it seems slow to render as well…hmmmm

(applebee) #150

well, now I see new look of miri community … much easier than the previous new … I like this look and friendly use too

(DaViD_BRaNDoN) #151

@Jack: How do I upload/attach picture in a new thread?

Edit: Nevermind - found it ;)

(Jackson Liaw) closed #152