Welcome to the new MiriCommunity.net

(tonyops) #41

I feel lost in here… :frowning:

(ah kong) #42

ok…tis is better than yestrdy…

(TehCPeng) #43

great work and effort on the new facelift.. but i still prefer the earlier version where its easier to navigate on any new posts... it also shows everything in summary which i like as its very easy to see through...

(4John) #44

Could it be that the profile picture makes the main page looks cluttered, if removing the member's profile picture on the index/main page we would then see the familiar thread titles sort of like it was B4 o:)

(teeluun) #45

the classifieds section is so messy

(Jackson Liaw) #46
teeluun said:

the classifieds section is so messy

The free Classifieds category (previously called forum) is provided as-is only. It is up to users to tag the discussions accordingly to facilitate searching. Hope it helps.

(lexgolas) #47

Keep up the good work admins and to all forumer...make the best out of this forum.

(lasting99) #48

hello jack

Long time i no log in. I tot mc.net closed becoz my old link don't work.. Hahaha...

Anyway well done and congrat. But i see the troll(s) still here ! Ahahahaaa

(Jackson Liaw) #49

@lasting99 Nice to see you around again buddy. Let's hope the change will grant an opportunity to change. ;)

(ben3003) #50

kinda messy.. shud just stick with forum..

(Alice1981) #51

yeah i agree wit it .. very confusing..

(teeluun) #52

sellers don't need to create individual threads for each item he has in his warehouse. maybe admin can advice?

(Jackson Liaw) #53
teeluun said:

sellers don't need to create individual threads for each item he has in his warehouse. maybe admin can advice?

Some users have lots of individual topic for individual item - and some will distastefully bump all of it a few times a day. I have been advising interested users to create a new topic to group & list all the links of their individual items for sell and I will upgrade it to an announcement topic (for an affordable rate) which will stay on top of the Classifieds list.

For your question, users can create individual topic for all of their individual items (i.e. For sell: Power Bank Brand XXX, etc). Or group and create a long topic (i.e. User01: My list of things for sell, etc). Or combine it - a single topic linking all individual topics. And focus on marketing that main topic. Hope that answers your question.

(gorshan) #54

allo…when somethin isnt broken why fix it ?

it is unnerving to read from the centre of the page with a white screen eating up one third the screen on the left.

sakit mata seeing too much white on the screen.
(teeluun) #55

in other forums, those who create multiple threads (usually store owners) are often banned in order to be fair to honest traders. just saying.

(Jackson Liaw) #56

@gorshan, don't be disheartened - as you know aesthetics are very subjective, and valuable feedback like this will certainly be considered. Software, network and server maintenance in the old forum (apart from moderating & administrating) has been overwhelming to a point of frustration just to keep the forum operational and not able to participate in discussions. So yes, there was something "broken" and hence "fixing" it by looking at available options without potentially having the same problem creeping up. But I am glad the backend problems in the old forum does not get that much attention apart from the frequent database crash and website being inaccessible. ;) This is still a one-man operation, so please have a little patience as I spend time mingling with the folks in here to gather feedback.

(proudmirian) #57

Walao! new funky style.

(Kony2016) #58


(swk) #59

im blur… better stick to old format.

(Alice1981) #60

agree. stick to old format better