Wedding photo~~

my product[attachment=0]jk.jpg[/attachment]

For me I think the first one looks real and doesnt looks like it is edited before

the second one looks weird. no offence. its like siamese twins.

ya the first one i have spend much time to edit it… anyway, thanks for your comment…
Pei, you are nice also. I can help you to edit your photo if you want to.
free of charge :slight_smile:

got ya!!! thanks

dude did you get permission to use other peoples pics?

uh ohh

or did you even think about asking the people in the pictures you edited without their knowledge.

karlina, he’s new to mcnet. still noobish.

Yes, you need to have at least asked for consent from either the photographer or the model if not both. Not only about copyright, but its more of a respect to their hardwork.

noob boob or whatever. how would you feel if someone edited your pics without knowledge? funny? let me know is it funny?

i second u and karlina. when is the next shoot. i wanna go!!

Hmm the first one does seem real lol.
Well, i admire your effort for editing the photos.
But ya i agreed with karlina that you should have obtain their permission beforehand.

no one and i mean no one should be allowed to be humiliated by stupid noobs showing off skills without knowledge from the persons in the photos or photographer. get it!!!

well to be honest the next shoot will be of this noob and we will edit his photo without his consent.

hahaha. ill bring my laptop so we can do it on the spot! lol. honestly adobe, ur skill are nowhere near a novice level. even i do not dare to post my edited pictures up.

adobee, could u pls remove the photos?

i have delete it!! so please delete all your words here. thanks!

There’s 3 areas for you to work on to improve your work :

  1. Respect
  2. Photoshop skills
  3. Art in general

Sorry for being blunt.

:smiley: wish to see more ‘peer-to-peer moderation’ in the forum.