Wedding package

hi… anyone who had did some research on those wedding package?? mind to share with us??

Try Milan, so far worth the money cos they don’t charge you later when you got extra request.

amy and xing kwong also no hidden charges.

actually, most of bridal wedding package are similar, between RM2k - 6k…only difference is: who and how good is the make up artist, photographer skill, what gowns they have and how friendly are their staffs.

my point of view, high photography skills are only a few: verytaipei, chris studio, amy studio.

my comment:
verytaipei: good package, photographer highly skilled, makeup artist very good, all staffs very friendly and patient, make you feel very comfortable.
chris studio: slightly expensive but photographer highly skilled.
amy studio: also slightly expensive and they always want to promote their designer gowns, which need to add extra money.
milan: overall Ok, but gown not so nice
monalisa: quite limited evening gown, staffs not so friendly, always look impatient…had bad experience with them

other bridal not sure because did not survey…hehe

The Labuan Pub nearest there got one wedding shop i heard many my friend say thts really not good , the price not reasonable and once u confirm the packages then in the end there is no match with wat u actually need…others shop no comment cause i havent heard ppl talk about this .

Broadway tauke is my friend if you need help, then i can help you to introduce lo …Good technique…

heard my friends recommendation that wedding couture is a good choice. very taipei seem to be professional

Don’t spend a small fortune (>RM3.5K) on wedding photo and package. Go out and rent some nice wedding gown and shoot some nice shots in the studio or outdoor. On the wedding day photo, you can hire some good freelance photographer to record the event.

I personally think that spending thousands on hard earn money for remembrance is unnecessary as those photos and video will be there gathering dust under the bed after two months. Those who spend thousands on those photos. please tell me that I am wrong!

I personally think that spending thousands on hard earn money for remembrance is unnecessary as those photos and video will be there gathering dust under the bed after two months. Those who spend thousands on those photos. please tell me that I am wrong![/quote]

I agree. When my eldest sister got married back in 1981, the only wedding photo thy took are those taken with instantmatic camera. Same goes to my cousins in those days. They don’t even have picture in news paper! My friends around my age got married in the 1995 ~ 2001 spent thousands$$$ and have their pictures blasted all over the news paper. Well statistically those married in the 1980s mostly still stays married to same person today but my friends married in late 1990s half already divorced and the rest on rocky ground! I guess if you find it so much fun doing the wedding photos then you’ll want to do it again !

I never thought about this point! You are probably right. So they wanted to rejuvenate the “dreamy” event after the initial romance died down!

Save the money for something more important after marriage. I will tell my children to do exactly the same. There is no need to “show off” to friends with beautiful wedding photos as that is the wrong focus. Show them how happily married after 5 years or ever after. That is important.

if u take a picture urself with a freelance photographer. its better because its unique and the background is actually thr. and not just edited from a pc or something.

ok~ Thanks for those advice… :slight_smile:
Normally the wedding pakage is included which items?

candy_yii, normally they are “pick and choose”. Up to you to include in the package. You can take the wedding day shoot out of the package and hire someone with prices from RM200-RM1000 and yet did a very good job. Check out my photography blog.

hi there’ i would like to share with you all, what i have for wedding package.

from rm 3999 - 6999

  • outdoor photo shooting
  • photo shooting during wedding day ( tea,church,dinner ceremony)
  • Slide show CD for dinner ceremony
  • video shooting with slide show
  • professional make up
  • Car deco for the bride and groom
  • hand bouque
  • corsage for the family
  • grandstage decoration for wedding dinner
    … etc :smiley:

Maybe because nobody has been there to check it out. You should go and find out JJS50

i think spend $$ more photo is more worth it rather that splendid dinner…u wont be as good looking as in that photo years down the road…ur wife also wont be pretty like that photo after gv birth…so that is ur only memories…hahahhaa…freelance photographer can do much more better that those so called “highly skilled” bridal house…if u goto ABC bridal house and all the auntie2 and ur female frens/cuzzens/frens will immediately recognized which bridal house u take because the gown/dress was so limited…ppl differentiate bridal house by their gown/dress…and i realized that the photo editing was to much…so fake…

just my 2cents…im not married yet…

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