Weather woes cast a damper in Sarawak

MIRI: Floods, hill slope and road erosion are a common sight in many districts in Sarawak as the bad weather worsens.

Yesterday, traffic flow between Kuching and Sri Aman in southern Sarawak came to a standstill after the Pan Borneo Highway at KM53 route caved in.

Both lanes of the highway, located near Pantu bazaar, have been closed until further notice, said the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department in its latest updates, adding that its personnel were stationed there to prevent any mishaps.

The road section caved in at about 4.20am yesterday.

A lorry was also stuck after it ran into a big hole that appeared on the highway.

In other sections of the highway nearer Kuching, there were flash floods.

Many vehicles using the route were seen stranded along the side of the road.

They had to wait for the water to recede before they could continue their journey up north towards Sungai Tengang and Saratok.

Heavy rain is becoming a daily occurence in all parts of the state now as the landas season enters its peak.