We are not dead on Wednesday(10 Spetember)

The fact that the earthquakes were striking randomly, not along well-known geological faultlines, would be proof that something devastating was afoot.

Finally, the end would come, in a disaster of Biblical scale. The Earth would literally start to crack up.

Molten lava would wash over the land and the seas would start to boil.

Mega-hurricanes would level buildings and forests the world over. Eventually, mountains would crumble as the Earth’s crust continued to disintegrate.

The fabric of the planet itself would start to disappear, trillions of tonnes of rock, water, air and life sucked into a whirlpool of unimaginable force.

From space, our blue-and-white home would appear to vanish down a plughole in a flash of light.

At least in this scenario we would have a little time, perhaps, to come to terms with the end.

However, a second doomsday scenario is even more terrifying. There would be no warning at all.

In an instant - about one-twentieth of a second - the entire Earth would simply vanish from space.

Less than two seconds later, the Moon would follow suit. Eight minutes later, the Sun would be ripped apart, followed by the rest of the planets in the solar system and onwards, a wave of destruction caused by a rent in the fabric of space itself, spreading out from our world at the speed of light.

Any extra-terrestrials out there would die too, in due course. And there would be nothing technology could do about it.

But why should we now be worrying about such possible causes of Armageddon?

The answer is a gargantuan machine - the largest, most expensive scientific experiment in history, the ‘Large Hadron Collider’, to be turned on next Wednesday.

Although it was designed to answer the fundamental questions of life, some people have claimed that it could end up destroying the entire cosmos.

This gigantic 4 billion-plus atom-smasher has been built under the Swiss-French border near Geneva, and is the most powerful device ever built for probing the secrets of the atom and the forces and particles which make up our Universe.

It is a staggering device, occupying a train-sized tunnel 18 miles long, buried 300ft underground, studded with gigantic, cathedral-sized ring-shaped detectors where collisions between packets of ‘heavy’ subatomic particles, ‘hadrons’, will take place in the hope that the innermost workings of matter and energy will be revealed.

The LHC is, arguably, the most impressive machine ever built by Mankind.

But a few people are convinced that it should never be turned on. A lawsuit has been lodged at the European Court For Human Rights by a small group of maverick scientists.

They claim there is a small - but not zero - chance that when the LHC is activated it will create either a mini-black hole which would fall into the ground and swallow the Earth from within (scenario one).

Or, even more bizarrely, trigger a catastrophic chain reaction in the very fabric of space and time itself, which would rip apart the entire universe like the skin of a bursting balloon (scenario two).

Bizarrely, this group, led by a German chemist called Otto Rossler, are using the European Convention on human rights to argue that, should the LHC destroy the entire Universe, it would ‘violate the right to life and right to private family life’.

In fact, since 1994, when the collider was first mooted by the multi-national European nuclear research organisation (CERN), a small number of doomsayers have claimed that by replicating the conditions pertaining at the start of the universe (Big Bang), about 13,700 million years ago, there would be a small but real risk an unstoppable cataclysm would take place.

This is not a threat taken seriously by the scientists at CERN. When I visited the place a couple of years ago, to see the collider being built, any mention of mini-black holes and other risks elicited only raised eyebrows and shrugs of derision.

Hopefully is not the end of the day :cry: :cry:

you went to visit that place in Switzerland?..
BTW that is some good writing

Not me…
got it from a website.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/ … esday.html

Just let it be. If it mean tot end, it is just anytime will happen. Nothing you can do about it.

Just cherish every moment you have as much as possible. That’s all you can do.

Oh end of the day on that day!!!
then it will be a good one to remember for me…

yay! the world is going to end!! ==
i don’t believe in ‘the world is going to end’ so…we only have to wait till wednesday to find out! 3 more days before i can prove myself wrong! ^^

A human creation can destroy the whole cosmos?? We think too highly of ourselves !

Nah, only a Doomsday Device could do that, and they didn’t label it as such. So at best it’d probably just turn everyone on Earth into Pixies and Earth into a fluffball.

I hope my Gaban space ship works well and fast enough to escape from that black hole. Anyone wanna lift? RM12 per ride. :mrgreen:

Currently refueling:

Does that thing have an Infinite Improbable Drive?

Improbability of 2^279460347:1 against?

soon…the end will come…
its like from the game…persona3…
…wish someone can do something about it…
what will happend after that??

I want.
Don’t tell me you sell all your RC parts to build this? :mrgreen:

[quote=“Ryunaruto”]soon…the end will come…
its like from the game…persona3…
…wish someone can do something about it…
what will happend after that??[/quote]
I meet you at heaven…
and i go blanja a meal for you… :mrgreen:

But if this thing succeed,it’s going to be use as War Weapon rather than to “know more about the universe”.And will end up millions of people dead.

is there a pattern developing here??

Our Father (who art in Heaven) sending legions of suicde ‘Holy’ Warriors,
Mother Nature cooking up Super Typhoons,

Sons of the Soil (300’ under, to be exact) playing with DIY black-hole chemistry sets,

so, what’s in line for the future?

mayb one of Eve’s Daughter’s… becoming a V.President of a corrupt powerfull State,
which then gives her access to all it’s Nuclear arsenal…

ouchh… first wednesday of Every month?!


Science fiction at its best.

[quote=“bunyimanok”][quote=“Ryunaruto”]soon…the end will come…
its like from the game…persona3…
…wish someone can do something about it…
what will happend after that??[/quote]
I meet you at heaven…
and i go blanja a meal for you… :mrgreen:[/quote]

kukuku, sure dood XD

mmm…izzit true…i heard bishop from singapore said…the end will occur on the year 2010…
…so i heard from my japanese uncle when i’m traveling in singapore…