Water Supply @ 14 Jan 2013

Water supply from Luak Bay to Airport was discontinued last night without notice.

We call LAKU at 5.30pm and were told that the pipe was broken and would be fixed by 10.00pm.

We went out for dinner as we were unable to cook and found out from some customers there that the pipe broken around 2.00pm in the afternoon. Workers were standing there to see see look look holding umbrella until 5pm plus and went back. CANNOT FIX!!

We waited until 8.30pm, called hotels to find a place just wanted to take bath. Imagine if your female friends or family members are having their monthly menses.

Called Laku again, finally the guy said “Cannot fixed tonight. Tomorrow morning should be ok. Not our problem, is MCC contractor problem. They broke the pipe”

So, we bought mineral water for toilet and tomorrow morning use.

Called MCC just now, Mr >S said “This is not our problem, is Laku. Contractor is applying for claim first…” (Sorry, Im not interested in the later conversation)

So, my question is : If the claim was not approved or delayed, so work would not be continued definitely, “no money no talk”; residents at that lucky areas will have to take bath at Tanjong seaside.

Common sense : Is this the right way to solve problem which money should come first? Is the procedure correct? Is there any exception for emergency case like this?

You tell me!

The procedure should be like this,

MCC contractor should notify both MCC & LAKU regarding the pipe burst case. LAKU should immediately contact their maintenance contractor to carry out the repairing works the soonest possible. Maintenance of water distribution pipe was awarded to one of the many contractors to take care of whole Miri’s water pipelines but excluding Bekenu and Batu Niah areas.

It was very irresponsible of both bodies to kick the ball to each other. If this issue is yet to be resolved, you can call LAKU corporate office to lodge a complaint.

Another issue, the MCC contractor should have requested a set of “as-built” drawings from respective service providers such as LAKU, S’wak Gas and SEB (SESCo) when expediting this excavation work. “As-Built” drawings sole purpose is to assist contractor during excavation by indicating the location and depth of each services underneath the ground.

i advise to get a back up water supply.
learn how to harvest rain water

“I just visited the construction site at Luak area. Currently, SESCO and LAKU contractors are working around the clock to fix the broken pipe. The pipe is situated extremely close to a high-voltage wire and requires precise cooperation between SESCO and LAKU, causing the repair to be prolonged. Thank you to our SESCO and LAKU for their hard work. I will write to MCC to make sure the negligent contractors will be penalized accordingly. It is their blatant fault!”

Copied from Alan Ling Sie Kiong FB.

I heard can claim compensation…