Water heater 3600w panasonic.. what wire should i use?

sometime after shower, i feel my wire become hot… so i need change to bigger wire? what size of wire or amps should i use or get? thanks !

and where to buy wire? only sarawak electrical at krokop? any more good quality shop to buy good wires?

For that 3.6Kw you better power it from an air-con 15Amp socket outlet and use a power cable sized for a 2HP air-con. Sarawak Electrical in not the only electrical shop in Miri, ask around Miri is not that big.

so which shop u recommend me to buy? thanks!

Below are some electrical shops in Miri. Tell them u need heavy gauge or big size in local lingo for ur 3.6Kw water heater.

I trust ur water heater installation was undertaken by a competent electrician with the necessary protections in place, lately instant water heaters has been getting the rap for fatal incidents in the news, be safe. Also ensure the socket outlet and plug are of reputable make (there are fakes in the market), as poor plug/socket contacts will always generate heat when powering high loads like 3.6Kw

Lau Kung Seng Electrical Works
Lot 2943, Jalan Bulan Sabit, Faradale Garden, Sarawak 98000 Miri
+60 85-426 260
(facing Courts/Auto Pacifica)

Tai Hwa Electrical & Radio Parts Trader
Lot 320-321, Jalan Nahkoda Gampar, Miri, 98000, Miri, Sarawak 98000
+60 85-418 715
(same row as Sin Lian Supermarket, the last shop of the row)

Rising (Miri) Electrical Supplier Sdn. Bhd.
Address: Lot 1325, Centre Point, Jalan Melayu, Miri, Sarawak, 98000
Phone number: +60 (0)85 412760
(facing Park Hotel)

Eastern Electrical Trading Co
520 G Jln Merbau 98000 Miri, Miri 98000, Sarawak
Tel: 608-5423520
(same row as Siamese Secrets, the last shop of the row)

Thanks a lot… finally i bought 4mm 100% copper for RM80 11 metres. now my wire no more hot… my water heater inside got safety protection which is ELB/ELCB… so i think more than enough? hmm…