Watch over 200+ IPTV channels (same like Astro) for only RM40/month

Cheaper solution for your home cable TV service, ditch the expensive monthly Astro bill.
No contract, no registration/ installation/ cancellation fee. Watch similar 200+ Astro channels including Sports, Movie, Learning, etc with no extra fee. Using latest Android device technology and fast internet connection.

Simple requirements:

  1. Internet connection speed 3mbps and above, preferably with unlimited data plan. Example: Streamyx, Unifi, Maxis.
  2. Android Box
    as IPTV Decoder and Media Player (can install YouTube, Facebook, Skype,
    Twitter, etc) - access internet applications on your big screen TV,
    isn’t that cool?
  3. TV Set with HDMI function to be connected to Android Box using HDMI cable.

Subscription Fee:
3 months - RM118 (<RM40/month)
6 months - RM168 (<RM30/month)
12 months - RM278 (<RM25/month)
Trial 1 month - RM39 (for new subscription ONLY)

No Android Box yet? Make an order to purchase your new Android Box set here at affordable price.

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    **Contact 017-804 8364 (Whatsapp or SMS)**

To all Mirian who contacted me in response to this ad, thank you for your interest and feedback.

For others who would like to get more info about this trending, savvy gadget (a must have!), below are the common questions that I have been receiving…

  1. How much is the Android Box?

    • For now, the cheapest is RM195 and it goes up to RM500 depending on the current market pricing and stock availability.
  2. How do I purchase the Android Box and IPTV subscription?

    • You can purchase it in a package through IPTV provider website /
  • choose and buy Android Box that suits your budget by contacting 017-8048364 to place your order and make payment. Your Android Box will be received via Mail within 2 working days.
  1. How about installing this Android Box and setting up my internet to access the IPTV channels?

    • The installation is very easy, you can do it yourself at home. Just connect your home internet cable to the android box and connect android box to your big screen TV set. Then, just follow a simple manual (with picture illustration) on how to do the IPTV setting on your TV and… Wallah!!! You can now watch all 200++ channels until your fingers get sore from pressing the remote control buttons.
  2. Is this legal? what if i buy an android box with intention to get the cheap monthly subscription of $40, then after a while the service is terminated due to legality issue. what do i do with the expensive android box without IPTV service?

  • It’s semi-legal, you can buy and use the TV services legally because you are streaming those channels through your internet line. There are a lot more other IPTV providers in Malaysia in case your current provider goes out of business, just change your provider and watch their channels using your android box.
  1. What about warranty and technical assistance?
  • Your android box comes with the manufacturer warranty. The IPTV service has it’s own 24/7 support center that you can call to make inquiry and get troubleshoot/ technical assistance.

Easy, right?! It’s no fuss, no contract and self-managed. So, wait no more, sms/ whatsapp 017-8048364 now.

Do u have the channel list for me to consider?

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