Watch Out For Your Car

Watch Out For Your Car
By Achong Tanjong

Bandar Seri Begawan - Bruneians, who are travelling to 13 the neighbouring country for holidays, are urged to take extra precaution against burglars, especially car break-in.

A recent incident happened to a family from Limbang who visited their relatives in Kuching during the school holidays. The family lost all their belongings including newly bought clothes, shoes, textiles and car accessories which were kept inside the car that was parked at Sarawak Museum parking lot.

Normally cars bearing registration plate of other division are targeted, as they know they are from outside Kuching.

Sarawak Museum is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kuching and there were lots of other cars with various licence plates parked there.

“We thought everything, was safe as there was security watch at the parking lot. The burglars seem to target cars with foreign registration plate. My car is using the Miri registration plate and it is equipped with car alarm. We spent about one hour inside the museum and came out to find all our belongings gone.”

Hence, he reminded holidaymakers who wish to go for holidays in the neighbouring state to take extra precaution when parking their car.

These car-breaking burglars seem to be very smart as they still manage to steal from your car even if it is equipped with car alarm.

“This experience taught me to be always cautious when travelling to neighbouring state,” he said, adding that they were lucky that their car was not driven away by those culprits. – Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin