Wasted opportunity for host Linda Onn

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Why DJ was not on the red carpet

RADIO deejay Linda Onn was absent on the 79th Academy Awards red carpet because she was not allowed to wear the dress she wanted, Utusan Malaysia reported.

Quoting sources, the paper said some people were uncomfortable that a foreigner, Indonesian-born Jovian Mandagie, had designed and made the outfit Linda was to wear.

So, local designer Radzuan Radziwill was asked to hastily put together a dress and a Star TV official flew to Los Angeles to deliver it.

However, Linda refused to wear it and was said to have been very disappointed that she could not wear the dress she wanted.

Linda was to host a Star Movies programme together with Channel V presenter Dominic Lau. She withdrew from hosting the programme.

Jovian, who was contacted later, said that he and Linda had designed the kebaya and it had taken almost two weeks to complete.

Lau said Linda had lost a golden opportunity to interview top Hollywood celebrities.

Due to poor planning an oppurnity was wasted for Linda Onn… :frowning:

I say good for her. She stood up for herself and wasn’t star struck enough to be a corporate sell out.
And can we make a case of this that Malaysia is being biased to Indonesian / foreign fashion designers?


I do agree Linda Onn’s decision.I don’t see anything wrong if it was her personal preference or sponsor’s preference to get Indonesian designer…But what I don’t understand is, why in the first place choose a foreign designer if there are going to be problems?..

Secondly ,send the locally designed dress through a special person which latter she refuse to wear… :?

All boils down to poor planning…

I think this phrase “hastily put together a dress” says it all.

And what the hell is wrong with having an Indonesian design the dress? What’s so ‘uncomfortable’ about that? I can understand why she refused to wear it - you design a dress that takes two weeks and then told at the last minute you’re not allowed to wear it and have to wear something else hastily done instead. That’s just stupid.

positively, absolutely and totally agree with wat she is doing. we should stood for what we believe (if stand is legal and will not hurt anyone… :stuck_out_tongue: )…well done girl (though i do not know who is she…sorry)

Don’t worry, I have no idea who she is either :lol:

tho i dont like her O.o i agree with wat she did huhu

I am still Scouping out on who she is, Yet She made a good decision, That should be enough for me.

Linda Onn is a DJ for Radio station Era Fm and also a host for few Malaysian Tv programmes ,astro Ria or Tv3 not sure and also been MC for few award shows in film industry.She is a Malaysian.

Linda Onn is oso d TV host for a program produced by Astro - Bersama Linda.

She oso own a chicken rice restaurant and her mom is d cook bhind her chicken rice secret recipe. :wink:

I dug further about wat Ladybird says of her having Opened a Chicken Rice Shop that is situated in Jln. Ampang, behind Ampang Point called “My Mom’s Chicken RIce” I think…Here’s the link Below :


Here Is Linda Onn…

Today Star…

Linda: I was a victim of circumstance

RADIO celebrity Linda Onn has broken her silence after a week of controversy about her no-show at the red carpet event of the 79th Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

The Era FM deejay, who had been slated as co-host with Channel V presenter Dominic Lau at the event, courtesy of Star Movies, claimed that she was a victim of circumstance.

Writing in her column, Rentak Linda in Kosmo! Ahad, she refuted talk that she was being fussy and acting like a diva.

News reports had alleged that she did not appear at the prestigious event because she did not get to wear the dress she had in mind, a creation by Indonesian designer Jovian Mandagie.

Linda said that as soon as she touched down in Los Angeles, she was told by Star Movies and Astro that they had been given instructions to tell her that she could not wear Jovians design. She had to opt for something designed by a Malaysian.

She claimed that an outfit by local designer Radzuan Radzi arrived at the last minute and shown to her only about an hour before she had to go to the Kodak Theatre for rehearsals.

Although the dress was beautiful, Linda said it was not comfortable as the corset was not compatible to the outer bodice.

She said she had not gone though a fitting process for the dress and there would not have been enough time to do alterations.

When Linda asked to be exempted from wearing Radzuans dress, as the discomfort would have affected her self-confidence during the show, she was told that if she chose not to wear it, she would not be on air.

Linda said she was shocked but held on to her principles that a task given must be done willingly and not by force or threat.

Apologising to her fans, she said she was sad and frustrated that she did not get to appear at the Oscars but hoped that they understood her action.

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Why would she need to apologise to her fans? If they’re true fans, they should be supportive of her decision anyway.