Warning on the use of Migration agents

Hi there,

I do not know whether any one has used Rayford Migration agents from KL.

Two of my friends used them before, and they asked for money before my friends were qualified to apply.

They tell my friend that he was eligible to apply and they collected the money after my friend signed up with them.
Then after my friend did not make the grade for the English test, then they told my friend that he did not qualify, they refused to refund the money !

One other friend also paid money to them and they applied for the wrong occupation for my friend and later missed the cut off date for the occupation and she could not apply any more because the occupation is not in the list for migration. This was because they took a long time to apply. This friend also paid them about A$3,000 and after she complained to the Australian Migration Body in Australia, the Migration body could not help her to get her money back !

The problem with Rayford Migration is that although the boss is a registered agent, but he uses his staff to give advice and they are not registered or qualified. So in many cases they give the wrong advice tell their customers that they are qualified to apply even though they do not qualify to meet the requirements to apply for migration !

Most of those overseas agents use people who are not qualified to advise people.
In the end many of these customers are cheated after they paid money and find that they cannot apply !

The customers do not know very much and relied on Rayford Migration and the boss is only interested to make money and more money ! The more they get people to sign up, the more money they make ! They do not look after you at all.

Please be careful and do not be cheated !

They web site is as follows : http://www.rayfordmigration.com/

They also go around Malaysia and Singapore to get customers and you can see that it is their unqualified staff who advise the people.

Do not trust them or you can be the next victim !

Use someone who is registered and handle your case personally and you can meet and trust and not those who use their staff to advise you !

You can find the agents who are registered at :

https://www.mara.gov.au/agent/ARSearch. … lderID=394

You can type in the country where you are in and see the agents there.
It is better to use those agents in Australia as overseas agents cannot be trusted.

Good luck to those who want to migrate

Richard Sim