War zone Photog

Gatcha! :mrgreen: It was just a paintball competition, last Sunday. Karl boss brought me there, for a shoot… and of coz, any shoot in the the war zone will get you self SHOT! Which almost happen to me twice - once near head shot :shock:

Well, its a nice event, although it is very hard to focus and do composition as we have to wear a paintball mask - not only restricting our sight, but its warm and foggy!

pic 01

wow,counter strike !!!

Wow! nice and sharp! love it pete!

nice :smiley: more photo coming?

haha thanks thanks… got… soon… … lol. just 1 for the teaser atm… lol.

Did you wrap up your gear with plastic bags… to avoid paint splatter? =P

This pic let me think of something
maybe next time we can try picture of war
getting a picture something like real war with army cloths
just an idea

put in some zombies too !!! hihi … btw, the pic is very nice …

Pei… can do… haha… but just need to find proper props, clothings and locations to make it successful…

Lwong, the answer is NOPE. we went in with our camera naked. Lol… however, paint ball bullets are just made from vegetable oil (as what i understand).

We just need to the bullets from shooting straight into the lens… that should be alright.

Leo… zombie ah. u wanna become d zombie? haha… shoot u. :mrgreen:


a photo a day…

nice one pete.