WantToRent: Room

I am looking for a room to rent at one of these places:

-Shang Garden, MDL Garden, Desa Seri
-Bandar Permy Jaya

Please PM me your room available with
-type of room; masterbedroom or small room at ground floor
-utilities: inclusive/ exclusive
-space for parking: outside house/ inside house ( I dun mind, just wan place for my car that wont disturb other ppl and neighbour)

  • your name (or what u wan me 2 call u as) and phone no.

Some terms that I want to clarify:-
Tenancy Agreement: One year contract, I can prepare the documentation but someone need to get stamping from lhdn.
Moving in: 19 September 2009
Resident of the house: Preferably Malaysian

My background: Name Eddie, male, working and in 20s. If I am keen on your offer, I will call you up so we can meet near your property area so we can assess our personalities and also the room and surrounding. Don’t worry because I will still pm you if i reject your offer so you don’t have to waste your time waiting for me.

Previously, my inquiries are inaccurately attended. Therefore, I come with this post.

Hope to receive your good news soon!

Have a nice day

i have a room for rent at luak bay area, interested?

Sorry, luak is out of my scope