WANTED! Puppies & Dog Training

Just lost my dogs in Riam area. Puppies wanted.
Any body knows any dog training services in Miri area?

I was at NightWatch’s place earlier this week and one of his working service K9 from [url=http://www.mgk9.com]M-Guardians K9 just gave birth to 8 puppies. You make take a look at his [url=http://www.nightwatchk9.com]website or send him a [url=http://www.miricommunity.net/privmsg.php?mode=post&u=77]private message to see what can be done.

and 2 puppies died? :stuck_out_tongue:

What kind of puppies you looking for? got a few new born chi wa wa breed puppies with me… can pm me if u’re interested

haiyo…u play chi wa wa?? shane hilton ?? eh salah…same like paris hilton…ahahahahaha…get rottwailer better…trained them…if u want to train the dog, u can pm me for more info…good price good deal…