Want to know where got ppl sell ONR car wash detergent

so where got in miri? i saw online got but hopefully for convenience purposes want to buy through distributor or something like that…

go airport motor there… the car wash got sell

airport motor where specifically?

airport motor where?

seriously? miri got shop selling Optimum product? i want to get some of their other products as well… used ONR b4…fantastic…


anyone with thisinfo pls share :slight_smile:

wow, i would like to know where i could get this product as well. anyone got their hands on Autoglym Aqua Wax, been searching for this product. Would appreciate some help

IF i not mistaken… Brunei got sell. hua ho. saw when i go back last time. pricing wise not sure cuz dont have malaysian distributor to compare with

Hahaha. I’m from brunei. Grown up in brunei but local mirian… :smiley: They have many Autoglym products but sadly no Aqua Wax. They have meguairs distributors and also soft 99 products here and also Turtle Wax. But sadly, they dont have aqua wax… Me and my gf are searching for that product, easy to apply .

wow… same situation here also hehe local mirian but gre up in brunei. really no AW? cuz i went to kiulap one think got lots of choice but didnt reli check cuz not interested in AG hahah. but if reli want can order online :slight_smile: still looking for Optimum No Rinse car wash… so bump for this hahah

bump. ONR~ who got heard? sell in miri

Do you know where can find better soft99 wax at brunei?
(I mean such as fusso coat paste wax or polymer wax.)

not sure… why this preference? Megs not bad on value for money

Before this i’m using megs cleaner wax, ultimate quik wax, ultimate compound, quick detailer, nxt tech wax 2.0 and ultimate wash &wax. But i found these product will not really last after few raining. Recently when i visit kuala belait sun li, i found soft99 product named “xaqua wax” there. When im home, i try it on my old perodua kenari bonnet, i wax it half with it and half with ultimate quick wax. After few hour, i try to spray water on top of this 2 wax, i found the soft99 give an incredible water block & the surface of the paint feel much more smooth than the mags did. Then i let the car under sunshine & spray water every day, until day 10 it still give me a better result compare to mags. & when i check from soft99 web site it shows that the wax im using is actually a discontinued product & it launch on year 2006. I believe the new product might do better than this. That the reason why im looking soft99 everyway.

I never see mags give the result like soft99 do before. I dont mean mags are bad, but i thought with a higher price tag, they actually should do better than this. Now i see japanese wax give better result & durability with only less than half the price.this really supprise me.
im trying to ask my bro to get from singapore also but if can find it at brunei it is much more easier for me to buy in future.