WANT TO FIND: Work from home(fully home based), Earning extra cash on the go...why not =)

(Dinsale) #1

Hello hello ladies and gentleman no matter where you are,

Role: Doing simple and routine tasks.

Working hours: Flexible.

Remuneration: Varies…average RM500~1500 depending on your mindset and goal really, you can earn up to rm500++ with lesser commitment or even up to RM1500++ with lots of commitment…but don’t worry will teach and guide you to the best of my ability.

Requirements: Basically anyone who want to earn extra cash as an extra income. All just by devoting a while of your time every single day.

Attitude: Positivity, Patience and Perseverance is key to success.

Contact Person: Just click on the PM button or drop me an email at jasonyikliang@yahoo.com

(fazhaniqshabil) #2

contact me . Shebby - 0109737001 (fazhaniqshabil@yahoo.com)

(Dinsale) #3

email-ed. thx =)

(Dinsale) #4

@ ssiapf pls email me at jasonyikliang@yahoo.com or [url=jasoncheeblog@wordpress.com]jasoncheeblog@wordpress.com as i m unable to send out pm due to some reason. Thx :smiley:

(Ruzy) #5

please send me email - izee0511@gmail.com

(timbakut) #6

kindly send the details to kiroromirae81@yahoo.com.my. tq

(Dinsale) #7

emailed. thx u:D

(Feeq ahmad) #8

email to me the details… tq feeq.ahmad89@gmail.com :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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emailed mate :smiley:

(Dinsale) #10

@QS9000 u been emailed mate :smiley:

(h2lresources) #11

pm me

(Dinsale) #12

pls email me at jasonyikliang@yahoo.com as i could not send out pm. thx :slight_smile:

(androszack) #13

Hello there sir, this looks like an opportunity :slight_smile: Will you please email me at huskywonder@outlook.com Thanks :slight_smile:

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email-ed mate =)

(grand_shady) #15

Please pm thanks shadylanem@gmail.com

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email-ed =)

(NlN) #17

Hi, i am interested.

(styled) #18

this should be interesting. PM me please.

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pm-ed :smiley:

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pm-ed :smiley: