Want to find part time work (for uni students)


it will be a bit hard to find part time office job, if u wan a part time job try look sales job will be more easy, trust me, i try finding it b4, it will be hard for office to train u for few month then u stop working

I’m interested. I want to know the details.

What do u mean by sales job? Examples? If can i wanna work at weekdays only ma…

u wan to find the job or wan to hire?

of coz is want to find, u got any vacancy?

i wan the job oso~ do u hv any transport?

I am finding a job, not hiring ppl la…lol

I know~ I juz ask u do u hv transport? If u hv wanna do the part time job at PC fair o not?

oh…yes, i got license also…erm, what date to what date?

3-5 December~ Indoor stadium~ If u wan juz let me know~ coz maybe i will working thr oso but i dun hv transport.
Besides that, I’m Curtin student oso. U r foundation student?

oh…erm, yeah…finish foundation after this month…i see…so you mean i have to pick u coz u no transport?

erm~ yup, if i wan to work oso. I hvnt confirm yet.

haha, you dare to sit in a stranger car? wow

b4 that i will meet u la~ u dun bully me, i’m ok de~

Erm, you’re a girl rite? how old are you…1989?

mary89, what’s your surname? mary tang?

lols this wan ki chia liaw~! lols!~~!~!~

My post become finding date partner already, not finding job anymore…LOL!

yup~ 21yrs old