Want to find house for rent

I want to find a comfort house to rent. I want to find house with fully furnish with air-cond. My budget is around 1300-1500. Pm me if got this house available. The best location would be at senadin or lutong area.

wow…furnished medium/big house eh…

you can try to look for ads at GK Supermarket. got ads there.

but gk there, seems kinda far a bit… lutong or senadin is the best place.

Lutong oso got GK supermarket. you look for the ads there…

I have 1 at Krokop area, double storey terrace

hi andrew anthony.

I have a house for rent in desa pujut 2, permyjaya. It was just completed end of last year.

Please check the following link for details:-

I can provide air-conds to master bedroom and living room if you are willing to pay higher rental. Thank you.