Want to Buy Online Stuff? NO Paypal or Bank Acc? Come IN!

[center][size=200]Welcome to Online Transaction Service Centre[/size][/center]

Hi everyone, I started to provide online transaction service in Malaysia. However, we do provide a very simple payment service which you can pay directly to me. But this service is only provided to Miri Area customers.

Now you can order items from eBay US and any other US online stores OR Malaysia Stores !

Suggested Site :

  1. http://www.lelong.com.my
  2. http://www.mudah.my
  3. http://forum.lowyat.net
  4. http://www.ebay.com

[size=150]Payment :[/size]

  1. Maybank2U
  2. Direct Payment to Me ( Within Miri Area ) - Please bring exact quoted price during meet up ! :smiley:

[size=150]Price Quotation :[/size]
Please provide the information stated below by PM or reply to this thread :
a. URL : Website to the items you want.
b. Location : Your location which need to ship the item to.


Calculate Yourself :

  1. USD * 3.8 + Utilities Charge ( 3% ) + Service Charge ( RM 15 ) – International Order

  2. RM + Utilities Charge ( 2% ) + Service Charge ( RM 10 ) – Local Order

    [size=85]Order with RM 100 above, Utilities Charges WAIVED ![/size]

[size=85]For Best Price, Free to PM or reply to this thread with information above stated !


T-Shirt = USD 5

USD 5 * 3.8 + 3% + RM 15 = RM 34.57

[size=150]Postage :[/size]

  • Please choose the option that stated on the seller’s option.

[size=150]Terms & Conditions :[/size]

  • We DO NOT responsible to any lost/damages during shipping.
  • We DO NOT responsible to wrong shipment of item from seller.
  • We DO NOT responsible to any delay of the shipment.
  • We provide screenshot as purchase proof to customer after payment done !