Want to buy a car

I am interested to buy a car in the budget of 10k - 15k, must be in good condition, willing to buy in cash if it is in the budget, but for more than the budgeted, i am willing to continue the loan amounting RM 450 - RM 750 a month (more or less) and pay to the bank on behalf of the owner and give the receipt to the owner monthly but not loaning with the bank cos for 2nd hand car need a guarantor but nowadays too many cases involving the guarantor so not many willing to offer themselves as a guarantor and i am new in town and country, so don’t know much people. Not into buying a new car cause don’t want to loan too long and too many protocol to loan with the bank. Don’t worry, i have a stable income to include the monthly payment. it is your choice…but i am open for the offer. Thank you, if you are up to the offer, you can email me at blueoven51@hotmail.com

interested to loan for waja?

U mean u are offering you car to me is it ? what are your terms and conditions ? and may i have the details of your car and Picture ?

not my car…it’s my friend’s car…he’s thinking of letting go…u give me your contact number, and i’ll ask him to ring u up…

kancil,u wan?

Ransu, thanx for the reply, but can u please send me the picture of the vehicle and what are your terms and conditions ?

The car is not here at the moment.
Anyway,it’s not my car.
It’s my mother’s car.
I’ll try to ask her when she comes back.
She is currently away from Miri.

1 unit of perdana & aeroback for sale. =) will PM u all the details

Which options are u offering me ?

Option 1 : Payment in cash?
Option 2 : Continue loan ?


I have car within your budget, proton iswara, do contact me if interested. Car in good running condition. 0128786967

Do you want an accord cb3? selling at 18.5k good condition with aftermarket rims and sound system.

Any picture for it ? and mind to provide me the details of the car ?

if size doesn’t matter can consider this http://www.mudah.my/Kancil-Turbo-5706328.htm

i got a old car to let go =D mitsubishi pajero 1990-1995 model
pay on cash please pm me for more detail if you wan ya

Any picture for it ? and mind to provide me the details of the car ?[/quote]

will upload the pictures tonite.