Want Magic ? Call me!


If you guys out there need a magician, you can always contact me.
I do tradeshows, coperate shows, birthday gigs… You name it!
OK a little bit about myself:
My name is Kenny Wong, I was born in 1988. I started to love this art of magic when I was 7. David Seth Kotkin( David Copperfield) inspired me. I started magic when I was 9.

Age of 15, I went to China to learn the art of Mask-Changing( Bian Lian).
Hoping to compete in FISM( Fdration Internationale des Socits Magiques) during 2009 at BeiJing. It is a world class magic competition that occurs once every 3 years.

I think that is all about me. Please PM( Private-Message) me if you want my phone number.

Thank you for time!

All the best and have a nice day, my fellow brothers and sisters!

Magically Yours,
Kenny Wong

bro,… how much do u charge per session & how long will the session last?.. do u do function outside of miri eg. kuching?.. & will u be available in june? thanks…

Hello mr.asiainspectioncommunity ,

Please PM me for more information . Take you for your time , brother .


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free bump for you bro :smiley:

Kenny, SUPPORT U FOREVER!! You are the BEST!

From : Jackie

do u sell magic items? magic playing cards etc.

Hi Kenny!
I’m finally back in Miri, will want to meet up with you sometime for limteh.
Hope u’ll b free, keep in touch! :lol:

Thanks to Victor and Jackie ! I love you guys :slight_smile: you guys are great !

What kind of props are you looking for ? Please PM me ! Thank you .

@kcishere :
Oh sure thing man , we can be friends :slight_smile:

All the best to my fellow mirians !


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since u r in curtin,
y dun we meet up there ? :lol:

Quoted from Hilmee :

"Kenny came over to my daughter’s birthday at a very short notice.

I think it is is because Ian had given him my number ealier (about 1pm, party starts at 2.30pm).

Kenny is a very nice, easy going chap that makes the kids feel comfortable with him.

My wife and friends can relate to him very well.

Though his appearance in a suit complete with neck tie struck me as odd at first (2pm saturday, outdoor party), we got down to business smoothly with the kids enjoying it.

The little ones, maybe < 6 years old could not relate most of the card tricks that well, but they did screamed and perked up when he did the tissue paper swallowing wt long tapes came out…

all in all, the birthday girl did seem happy and contented."

I wish you all the best Hilmee ! :slight_smile:

Kenny is one good magician peeps. he showed me some card tricks few days ago in curtin bookshop and im impressed. FULL SUPPORT FROM ME BRO!!

Thanks bro ! Thanks for d support ! See you around !!!

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i miss you so mch=’(

just wanna say, more power & always keep safe…

that’s all…

love lots,
tipee here=\

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can teach me magic ar?? I wana learn…