‘Walking Borneo’ ends NYE in Kuching

SARIKEI: David the Nomadic Lion expects to complete his Walking Borneo mission in Kuching on Dec 31, in time to sing Auld Lang Syne to Borneo on New Years Eve.

David Atthone, 25, nicknamed Nomadic Lion, was here on Friday in his overland mission where he has already amazingly covered the whole of Kalimantan on foot. The British national from Norwich, England, is currently on an adventure mission to discover what Borneo has to offer.

Kalimantan was his first project in the Walking Borneo mission, David said when interviewed by reporters during his stopover here on Friday night.

During his second leg of the project which started from Tawau, Sabah, last Aug 22, David reached Lawas on Oct 20.

After a few days rest, he proceeded to Brunei on Oct 24 and a week later arrived in Limbang.

From Limbang, he entered Brunei territory again on Nov 1 to exit to Miri on Nov 14.

Before reaching here Friday night, he had walked to places such as Tatau, Bintulu, Sibu Selangau and others, David said, adding that he already has chalked plenty of great experiences about Borneo to share with the rest of the world.

He was particularly impressed with the friendliness and hospitality of the people, he said, adding that he was accorded a warm welcome at every stopover, notably at longhouses.

My Indonesian companion, Dilang Yaksapurusa and I were provided with not only a comfortable bed to sleep in but also delicious traditional foods as well, he said.

He believed the warm reception was the saving grace, on why they never felt weary despite trekking for 113 days, all the way from Tawau. The main purpose of the project was to gather material for documentation with a focus accorded to the beauty and unique side of the people and environment on Borneo Island

We also want to visit any organisations and projects which are working to help the people or environment prosper in anyway in Borneo. We are also interested in meeting local musicians for a number of collaborations and musical projects. We made visits to a number of national parks, conservation centers, animal rehabilitation centers, artistic centers and community empowerment projects.

They also want to raise environmental awareness about Borneo through their website, social media, the mainstream media in Malaysia, presentations at schools and universities along the route, David said, adding that the documentary of their journey would be constantly shared.

The reason they chose Sabah and Sarawak for the project was because the two states have the worlds oldest rainforests, an abundance of natural beauty and an incredible diverse mix of ethnic groups, he explained, adding that with many tribes, cultures, different ethnicities, they had no shortage of material to produce exciting stories to illustrate this wonderful part of our planet to other people in the world.