Waiter/Waitress immediate vacancy


We are 1st Franchise Hong Kong restaurant in Miri. We are located at Boulevard Commercial Area (beside My Store). We are looking for right candidate to join our team for the following positions:

1) Cashier

  • Female
  • Able to communicate in Mandarin, English & BM.
  • Reliable, pleasant & friendly personality
  • Salary starting from RM650(depends on working experience)

2) Waiter/Waitress (Part time/Full Time)

  • Able to communicate in English/BM.
  • Self-motivated, hardworking, pleasant & friendly personality
  • Salary starting from RM600 + incentives + allowance + OT

Lot 2461, Boulevard Commercial Centre,
98000, Miri, Sarawak
Email: r_trend@streamyx.com

Kindly contact Ms. May 6017-8665559
Please bring along the relevant certificates and 1 passport size photo.

hi may,
what the restaurant name?if working part time,the salary is as stated on your post?

Hi cuppie,

Sorry i do some amendment with my post here. Full time waiter/waitress salary will be RM800 + incentives. Working time start 10am-8pm. Meals will be provided. EPF and Socso will be provided as well. While part timer will be RM3.50/hour.

The name of restaurant is Food & Tea (Hongkong) Restaurant which located at Boulevard Commercial Area (beside My Store).

Are you interested, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0178665559 for interview section.

what happened to food and tea at the spring kch? closed down due to? this restaurant food is damn nice…

Dear VSL,

ya, F&T at Kuching already closed down because the owner of this restaurant is from West Malaysia, they open alots of franchises in Malaysia, indonesia as well. they have not enough time to take care of East Malaysia restaurant so that choose to close down.

the food is nice. i agree with u. thats why we choose to open in Miri. We believe there is a market here.

Do you have any friends interested for waiter/waitress job?

what’s the qualification? my side here most of them cannot speak, listen, write in chinese…

bumi also can. we want waiter/waitress can speak, listen, write in english OR chinese. either one. as long as she/he willing to learn and work.

ic…dont no kantau for u la…hehe…

dont no kantau? what you mean? hahaha sorry don understand

nobody to intro to u to work with u…

oh… no kantau for me ha? hahaha… anyway, thanks ya

pu neh… RM800 for 12 hours.

And RM3.50 per hour for part timer is much below market price

[quote=“sagaraptor”]pu neh… RM800 for 12 hours.

And RM3.50 per hour for part timer is much below market price[/quote]

that is normal rate…who say below market? kfc only rm2 - rm2.30 per hour…

sagaraptor, u wrongly calculated the working hours.

i have already done the market research. RM3.50 per hour is normal and attractive rate.

VSL, thanks for your understanding and supporting. =) hehe

im in fnb line also, so i know how much is the rate… :slight_smile:

we are in same line? where u working? mind to let me know? im new in fnb, so that i can learn some knowledge from senior. heheh

im still junior…not yet senior…hehe…

i am interested in this job but transportation problem :(.
the salary for full time is good money 800.
last work as kitchen helper only $400 :stuck_out_tongue:

do you provide uniform and shoe ??

i think they will provide uniform but no shoes…