VW Golf MK4 Ignition Switch Replacement

Hi, does anyone here know how to replace ignition switch on a VW Golf MK4? I’ve got the part and the car is currently in Brunei. Need someone who has experience to fix it and without charging excessively… Thanks!

go to ur authorized VW car dealer in Brunei

i think golf MK4 is same with jetta MK4.
What you do need is a #1 long phillips screwdriver, torx bit and small flat jewelers screw driver.

Hi tonyops : the car is currently at my cousin’s place. can’t even start, how to bring lah? hehehe. And I think they would charge me more than just replacing the switch… I am looking for a freelance kind of a mechanic…

Hi wmm : yeap, same. I have thoughts of doing it myself but I think it is best for someone who has experience to do it. I don’t want to cause any further damage… hehehe. The thoughts of accidentally deploying the airbag also scares me :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. First is to disconnect the battery.
  2. Then turn the steering wheel to expose two holes to remove two phillips.
  3. Underthe steering column you need to remove two more philips and three torxs.

There is no danger of your airbag deploying when there is no power to the system. It is in fact a required manufactured safety feature of the system, so that airbags are not deployed when the ignition is switched off but I advise you to get the experience mechanics to do this. Save you time, money and grief.

wmm : exactly… now is to find that guy with that experience… i have read cases of airbags deploying because of statics to the wiring… something like that…

my advice is not to be petty on the towing charges to tow to the VW workshop.

Ronald catches the drift… good…heheheh

didn’t think of towing it cause it’s not a major repair problem… but thanks :slight_smile: